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COJ Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

PAPR Reduction Based Hybrid Selected Mapping and Partial Transfer Sequencing Techniques in MC-CDMA System

Submission: February 13, 2023;Published: May 12, 2023


A Multi-carrier-Code-Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) system is a popular choice for digital data transmission over radio. However, the highest transmitted signal’s Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) is a major issue in MC-CDMA schemes. In this work a novel method to decrease PAPR using partial transfer sequencing technique (PTS), hybrid parallels with Selected Mapping (SLM), technique is a variation a signal scrambler that reduces the PAPR of a signal before adding it to an amplifier by using a series of multipliers, to get the best result in MC-CDMA Systems. The PTS and SLM techniques resolved convex optimization problems in choosing the best agent phase shift reduces the cost of computational complexity compared with selective mapping the traditional way. Simulation results illustration good improvement by respect of PAPR. Moreover, the proposed scheme outperforms the Selective Mapping (SLM) method, which codes 32 and 64 about 5. 23dB and 5.04dB at four and eight users respectively.

Keywords:Highest transmitted; Hybrid parallels; Hybired; Mixed results

Abbreviations:PAPR: Peak to Average Power Ratio; MC-CDMA: A Multi-Carrier-Code-Division Multiple Access; SLM: Selected Mapping; PTS: Partial Transfer Sequencing Technique; WHT: Walsh-Hadamard Transform; MCM: Multi-Carrier-Modulation; AWGN: Additive White Gaussian Noise

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