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COJ Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Survey on Generations of Networks Recommender Systems

Submission: July 25, 2022;Published: December 19, 2022


The fundamental difficulty that has emerged in the current world is the overabundance of information, which has resulted in the dilemma of navigating through the sea of genuine options accessible online. In the market, one can find wise merchants, most often in every store, to help us through our choices after learning about the customers through the user experience. Now, recommender systems or engines recommend items and services for online clients in networking applications. Collaborative filtering is the first business recommender system to suggest newsgroup items to a community of participants. The role of engine strength is in proposing things based on customers’ purchasing behaviors, as evidenced in their history. As a result, recommender systems are those astute merchants that can lead us through the maze of internet options. In this research, network recommender systems, with their generations and technologies, are explored and analyzed in detail.

Keywords:Recommender systems; Collaborative filtering; Recommender engines; Machine learning; Data science; Networking applications

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