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COJ Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Interoperability Between Smart Building and Mobile Robots: Application to the Path Finding Problem

Submission: July 01, 2020;Published: August 11, 2020


Allowing autonomous robot to move inside of a built environment requires a set of sensors and software components. Thus, it will perceive its direct environment and act accordingly. This use case is the subject of numerous research studies in the field of path finding. Some issues are linked to the needs of interoperability between sensors to build a relevant movement strategy. Beyond the aspect of immediate mobility, the question to be addressed is: how to optimize the movement of the robot by limiting the time and processing constraints linked to the discovery of its environment? In this article, we propose an interoperability approach associating the robot and its intelligent built environment. The goal of this collaboration is to optimize all decisions that the robot must make by acquiring data perceived by the building (its topology, the physical constraints to be processed and the calculation of the best path).

Keywords: Cyber-physical systems; Cooperative; Environment; Interoperability; Ontologies; Robots

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