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COJ Nursing & Healthcare

Needs of Critically Ill Cancer Patients and their Relatives: Nursing Perspectives

  • Open or CloseHayam Ibrahim Asfour*

    Professor of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing, Saudi Arabia

    *Corresponding author: Hayam Ibrahim Asfour, Professor of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing, Saudi Arabia

Submission: January 27, 2020; Published: February 10, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/COJNH.2021.07.000654

ISSN: 2577-2007
Volume7 Issue1


Background: Patients with cancer face many challenges in their treatment journey. When patients with cancer are admitted to intensive care units (ICUs), they and their families have many needs need to be met by nurses. The aim of this study was to identify needs of critically ill cancer patients’ and their relatives from the nurses’ perception.

Method: A descriptive study design was used to conduct the study. Sixty critical care nurses working in intensive care units of 10 Hospitals participated in the study. Care needs of Critically ill cancer patients and their relatives semi-structured interview schedule” was the tool used to collect data in the study. This tool covered 26 items geared towards caring of critically ill cancer patients and 30 items related to relatives’ needs in ICUs. The tool also included open questions to make nurses express their perceptions freely and strengthen the data collected.

Result: Nurses stated that ICUs accept admission of critically ill cancer patients, the more common reason is performing surgery (80%) followed by respiratory emergencies (70%), shock (50%), bleeding 40% and electrolyte disturbance (30%).Nurses agreed that care of cancer patients is the same care for any critically ill patient in general as they provide care of mechanically ventilated patients (100%), oxygen administration (60%), blood transfusion (40%), in addition to cancer-related care such as monitoring during chemotherapy & radiotherapy (50%), and they need psychological support (60%). Nurses reported that relatives of critically ill cancer patients have many needs; all nurses (100%). reported that relatives’ needs to have questions answered honestly, know how the patient was being treated, frequently see their patient, and feel that the ICU health care team cared about their patient, are essential for relatives from their point of view.

Conclusion: Critically ill cancer patients Cancer patients and their relatives have many needs, should be identified and the plan of care should meet the needs of critically ill cancer patients and their relatives.

Keywords: Needs; Critically ill cancer patient; Relatives; Intensive care units

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