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Recall of Casualty Care During the Gulf War (1991) by British Non-regular Services’ Health Professional Veterans

  • Open or Close Deidre Wild*

    Senior Research Fellow (Hon), Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UK

    *Corresponding author:Deidre Wild, Senior Research Fellow (Hon), Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UK

Submission: March 25, 2019; Published: June 13, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/COJNH.2019.05.000606

ISSN: 2577-2007
Volume5 Issue2


In November 1990, in response to the size of the Iraqi conventional (Ballistic) and unconventional (biological and chemical) weaponry threat in the Middle East, and the potential for a high number of casualties, the British Government acknowledged an insufficient number of regular military medical personnel available for war-service. This resulted in a request to part-time military Voluntary Services (VS) health professionals (doctors, nurses, and other professions allied to medicine) to volunteer [1]. The number responding was too small, hence ex-regular Reservists were mandatorily called up. The present study recruited 95 of these VS and Reserve health professional veterans to complete an extensive postal questionnaire some six months after their return about their Gulf War (GW) experiences. These included casualty care in field hospitals in the desert and in general hospitals sited near Saudi cities such as Riyadh. The data were both quantitative and qualitative and enabled a voice to be given to a generally under-researched group of British GW veterans.

Keywords: Gulf War; Allied/Enemy casualties; Care; Non-regular services’ health professional veterans

Acronyms: UK: United Kingdom; VS: Voluntary Services; GW: Gulf War; TA: Territorial Army; HPV: Health Professional Veteran; SPSS: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; ECG: Electrocardiogram; US: United States

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