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Biodiversity Online J

Organic Vineyard: Yeast Diversity, Biogeography, and Prospects for the Future

  • Open or Close David Castrillo*

    Galician Viticulture and Enology Station, Spain

    *Corresponding author: David Castrillo, Council for Ecological Agricultural Production of the Principality of Asturias (COPAE), Avda. Prudencio Glez, 81, 33424 Posada de Llanera, Principality of Asturias, Spain

Submission: February 12, 2022 Published: March 01, 2022


Serious research over the last two decades on microbial diversity has generated dazzling conclusions for its potential applications towards a new future. Among them, the vineyard has been shown to be a potential reservoir of microbiological biodiversity. In particular, the vineyards cultivated in an organic production system are responsible for a higher yeast diversity than conventional vineyards. This great diversity of yeasts (but also of other fungi and bacteria) has potential uses not only as a tool for exploitation, for example, in the oenological field, but also in the industrial sector and even in solving problems such as mitigating the effects of climate change or wastewater purification.

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