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Aspects in Mining & Mineral Science

Generation of Wealth from Waste, Case Study of Reuse of Mine Water and Processed Sand

  • Open or CloseTiwari MS1, Gokhale DM2 and Ralegaonkar RV3*

    1Associate Professor, SRCOEM, Nagpur, India

    2General Manager, Western Coalfields Ltd, Nagpur, India

    3Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, VNIT, Nagpur, India

    *Corresponding author: R V Ralegaonkar, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, VNIT, Nagpur, India

Submission: September 13, 2022; Published: March 06, 2023

DOI: 10.31031/AMMS.2023.11.000752

ISSN : 2578-0255
Volume11 Issue1


As the development of the mining industries often regulates the resource acquisition potential and economic growth of the countries, it is one of the most prominent earning sources. Based on the different characteristics of the mining industries, this industry might be categorized under geophysical industries or chemical industries. Every process of production of resources generates by-products like wastewater and fine aggregates (sand). The present paper discusses a case of the waste management initiatives taken for a specific plant indicating waste to wealth creation in terms of alternate resource quantification and providing social sustainability.

Keywords:Economic power; Water stressed; Over exploited; Sand scarcity

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