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Synthesis, Growth and Nonlinear Optical Properties of a Novel Organic Single Crystal: Succinimide

  • Open or CloseSuresh S and Mohan Kumar R*

    Department of Physics, Presidency College, Chennai-600 005, India

    *Corresponding author: R Mohan Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Presidency College, Chennai-600 005, India

Submission: April 06, 2020; Published: May 25, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/AMMS.2021.06.000645

ISSN : 2578-0255
Volume6 Issue4


Organic single crystal of Succinimide (SM) was grown from aqueous solution by slow solvent evaporation technique. Succinimide crystallized in orthorhombic system with non-centrosymmetric space group of Pbca. The crystalline perfection of Succinimide crystal was evaluated by high resolution X-ray diffraction analysis and found that the crystalline perfection is exceptional without having any low or very low angle internal structural grain boundaries. Optical transmission study and band gap energy was estimated by utilizing UV-Vis spectrum. Laser damage threshold value of Succinimide (3.2GW/cm2) was estimated and it is relatively higher than that of p-Toluidinium L-Tartrate single crystal (2.0GW/cm2). Thermo gravimetric studies revealed the thermal stability and decomposition pattern of the material. Nonlinear optical property of the Succinimide crystal was confirmed by Kurtz and Perry technique. Second harmonic generation conversion efficiency of the grown crystal showed the suitability of the frequency conversion applications.

Keywords: Crystal growth; Grain boundaries; Thermal properties; Optical materials and properties

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