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Influence of Design Features of Double- Circuit Steeply Inclined Conveyors on Their Operational Parameters and Performance

  • Open or CloseGlebov AV1*, Semenkin AV1, Bersenev VA1 and Kulniyaz SS2

    1Federal state budget establishment the Institute of Mining, Ural branch Russian academy o f sciences (IMUB RAS), Russia

    2Aktobe regional state University. K. Zhubanova, Kazakhstan

    *Corresponding author: Glebov Andrey Valerjevich, Candidate of engineering sciences, Deputy director on scientific questions, Federal state budget establishment the Institute of Mining, Ural branch Russian academy of sciences (IM UB RAS), Russia

Submission: July 26, 2019; Published: August 12, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/AMMS.2019.03.000562

ISSN : 2578-0255
Volume3 Issue3


Some results of the comparison of the CLS with moving clamping elements and clamping elements fixed on the line of the conveyor are given. The assessment was carried out on the main limiting parameters for hourly cargo traffic in the range of 1000-6000t/h using rubber cable belts. The advantages of steeply inclined conveyors with moving clamping elements based on the specifics of the operation of conveyor belts in the transition section are shown. As a result of the study of possible types of wear of conveyor belts, it has been proposed to use the formula for estimating the duration of their service, which determines the duration of the belts operation on traditional belt conveyors transporting coarse rock mass. For conditional conveyor, considered structures calculated service life of conveyor belts. The cost comparison of conveyor belts showed that the ratio of initial costs and operating costs of conveyor belts of high-inclined conveyors with moving clamping elements to the corresponding costs and expenses of high-inclined conveyor belts with stationary clamping elements for a conditional conveyor is 0.87 and 0.65 respectively.

Keywords: Dual steeply inclined conveyor; Load carrying belt; Hoisting belt; Mechanical clamping device; Moving clamping elements with resilient-elastic properties; Corrugation; Inclination angle; Traditional belt conveyor; The cost of transportation

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