Aspects in Mining & Mineral Science

Metals from Ores: An Introduction

  • Open or Close Fathi Habashi*

    Department of Mining, Laval University, Canada

    *Corresponding author: Fathi Habashi, Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, Email: fathi.Habashi@arul.ulaval.ca

Submission: October 09, 2017; Published: December 11, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/AMMS.2017.01.000502

ISSN: 2578-0255
Volume1 Issue1


A mineral is a naturally occurring substance having a definite chemical composition, constant physical properties, and a characteristic crystalline form. Ores are a mixture of minerals: they are processed to yield an industrial mineral or treated chemically to yield a single or several metals. Ores that are generally processed for only a single metal are those of iron, aluminium, chromium, tin, mercury, manganese, tungsten, and some ores of copper. Gold ores may yield only gold, but silver is a common associate. Nickel ores are always associated with cobalt, while lead and zinc always occur together in ores. All other ores are complex yielding a number of metals.

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