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Advancements in Case Studies

Ethics of Case Studies Based on Human Dignity

  • Open or CloseMichael Anjello J*

    Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, India

    *Corresponding author: Michael Anjello J, Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, India

Submission:August 01, 2019; Published: August 20, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/AICS.2019.02.000527

ISSN 2639-0531
Volume2 Issue1


Ethics plays a major role in upholding Human Dignity in any field of research and development. Case studies are not exceptional to it. Most of the researchers follow the Belmont Report on guiding principles in Research Ethics with reference to Justice, Beneficence and Autonomy. Ethics Committees were established Internationally (IRB) and every country in every field of human welfare have their own ethical committees. Most of us will be familiar with Medical Ethics Committees or Clinical Ethics Committees and their functions.

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