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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

The Power of Mind to See the Invisible

Mister SA*

University of Sadat City, Egypt

*Corresponding author:Mister SA, Department of Physiology, Oyo State, Nigeria

Submission: September 06, 2019;Published: September 13, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2019.05.000607

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume5 Issue2


The article reveals that we see and memorize not only with our conscious mind, which is a product of our brain functioning, and operates like a digital computer. We also see and memorize with our subconscious mind, which works with the waves of our Nonlinear Electromagnetic Field (NEMF) on holographic principle like a quantum computer. For this quantum computer, the time is not linear, and it allows quantum jumps to the past and to the future. The jumps in the future, which our subconscious allows, is what boost the development of our civilization and allows us to move ahead with quantum jumps.


On February 22, 2019, I submitted an article “How was the material world created? Origin of its Nonlinear Electromagnetic Field [NEMF]” in “Open Access Journal of Mathematical and Theoretical Physics” [1], in which on (Figure 1). I have drawing of a Black hole the way my mind has seen it. On April 10, 2019 for the first time a photo of a Black hole was published (Figure 2); [2]. It was with hyperboloid curvature exactly the shape of the Black hole pictured on (Figure 1). In June 2018, I published an article: “Holographic (Quantum) way of seeing, hearing, smelling memorizing and how to use them for diagnosis” in the journal “Research in Medical and Engineering Sciences” [3]. In article [3], I showed that we see not only with our eyes and we memorize not only with our conscious brain. For security reasons, we were ingenuously created with two types of memory and two types of vision. Even at quite severe damage of the brain surface, the memories remain intact [3].

Figure 1:The shape of a Black Hole the way my mind has seen it submitted on February 22, 2019.

Figure 2:The shape of a Black Hole the way my mind has seen it submitted on February 22, 2019.

This is because a full record of everything we have seen, heard, and smelled during our lifetime is also stored in deep areas of the brain, where our subconscious is for protection. From hypnosis, which puts the conscious to sleep and allows contact with the subconscious [4], we know that the Subconscious contains a full record of our life. Our sleep is non-stop alternative switches between light sleep, when the conscious is active (and dreams take place) and deep sleep when the subconscious is active. It seems that during these switches the visual, hearing, etc. information recorded during the day in the conscious (on the surface of the brain) is scanned and sent for long-term storage in the deeper areas of the brain called the Subconscious. There this information is stored as 3-dimensional images in the quantum computer, which operates with the waves of our NEMF [3].

As shown in our article [5], the quantum computer in the subconscious does not obey the causality principle and allows quantum jumps in the past and in the future. The jumps in the future, which our subconscious allows, are the basis of our intuitive vision [6], which is usually 50 to 100 years ahead of time. It boosts the development of our civilization and allows us to move ahead with quantum jumps.

Our Two Types of Memory

Since we don’t have conscious awareness of the functioning of our internal organs, they are obviously subordinated to the subconscious. It is deliberately done so because in crucial moments of our life, when our life is threatened and we are mobilized to survive, we don’t want to be bothered with information about the functioning of our internal organs. All our organs are holographically represented on the surface of the skin: on our palms, feet, ears, and the irises of our eyes. The acupuncturists know that they can treat with acupuncture the points of the sick organ on any of these representations with equal success. Therefore, we have holographic representations of the organs on the surface of the body to tell us that our organs are ruled and regulated on holographic principle.

The famous mathematician von Neumann estimated that the human memory for a lifetime is about 2.8.1020 bits of information [7]. What kind of memory should our subconscious have to be able to handle such large amount of information? Holographic memory (memory with coherent waves) allows the most compact record. Therefore, only holographic memory can allow full lifetime record. Thus, while our material brain memorizes on digital principle, our subconscious memorizes through coherent waves on holographic principle. Since our Nonlinear Electromagnetic Field (NEMF) is wave abundant [8], it must be the one handling our lifetime holographic memory at subconscious level. Also, since our organs are subordinated to the subconscious, the NEMF rules and regulates their function from the subconscious.

It seems that this weak NEMF, which I spent 40 years of my life measuring, rules and regulates the functioning of all organs. It is not the field produced by their functioning. Russian scientists claim [7] that only when such NEMF enters a fertilized cell, the cell can be considered successfully fertilized and the embryo development of heart, lungs, brain, etc. can start. Thus, the weak (informational) NEMF is the one that creates the organs, and later rules, regulates, and synchronizes their function. It also rules (controls) the growing of our skin, nails, and hair and everything else in the body. Since nonlinear electromagnetic field means also field that does not dissipate and field that can pass through walls or screens, at the end of life when the person dies, this non-dissipating NEMF leaves the body [3], but it carries the entire memory of the whole lifetime as a three-dimensional holographic record.

Our Two Types of Vision

Can we really see with our mind? According to Hindu and Yoga texts, we can also see with our mind, not only with our eyes. Russian scientists investigated V. Bronnikov, who could see with his mind [7]. First, when he sees with his eyes, the equipment registers impulse from his eyes to his brain. Second, when he is blindfolded and the equipment does not register impulse from his eyes to his brain, he could still see. He could even see the object when it is behind a dense screen [7], which proves that nonlinear waves are involved because only nonlinear waves can pass through a screen. He could even see the object from different angles [7], which indicates that the vision is three-dimensional or holographic. Obviously, the seeing with the mind involves nonlinear coherent (laser type) waves and since our NEMF is rich of such waves, it must be involved in it.

Could our NEMF really see? In Bulgaria, there was a woman, Vanga, who was physically blind, but she could see with her mind. She would walk along the pathway in the garden and she would suddenly stop and pointing to a particular plant say to her niece: “You think that this is just a flower, but it is also an herb good for this and this disease.” She was clairvoyant seeing with her mind inside the people’s body, seeing their health problems, as well as their past and future. She was phenomenal and she was for years investigated by the Bulgarian medical academy.

I have spoken with many people who have been in a state of clinical death and came back. They all describe seeing their lifeless body lying on the bed, while hovering over it for three days. This means that during clinical death, when we say that the spirit leaves, our NEMF leaves the body. Russian scientists did measure the NEMF and they found that it takes three days and three nights for this field to separate from the nervous system and leave [7]. However, if our NEMF could see the physical body, this means that our NEMF has holographic vision, which is done through its coherent waves.

Who are the People that can see with their Minds?

Dr. Valerie Hunt [8] measured the frequencies of the NEMF of different people and found that it can vary rather dramatically. She found that clairvoyants’ NEMF have frequencies between 400Hz and 800Hz, people that can in trance connect with other dimensions have frequencies between 800Hz and 900Hz, but some people can have NEMF with frequencies as high as 200,000Hz and more. (However, for the human NEMF both the frequencies and the intensity of the field are important.) The higher the frequency of NEMF, the more spiritual the person is, and the better he sees with his mind [8-10]. This is a proof that the mind is attribute to the human NEMF.

Seeing with the Mind Boosts Human Development

Tziolkovski, who is now considered the father or founder of astronautics, was a Russian schoolteacher in the small town of Kaluga, Russia, but with a dream and a burning desire to leave the earth and explore the outer space. He was working hard toward the goal of his dream - building rockets, which will one day allow him to leave the earth. He did a lot of calculations, sketches, and experimentation [11]. He was so eager to go to the outer space and see how the earth looks from the space that he went there with his mind. He wrote a science-fiction book, published in 1896, “Vne Zemli” (Out of Earth), in which he described in details and colors all one can see from space-the black sky, the non-twinkling stars, the blue earth, etc.

The first Russian astronauts were amazed to see 60 years later how accurate and detailed Tziolkovski’s information was [11]. But Tziolkovski went in his vision farther. He saw a space station, a rocket docking to it, and astronauts in space suits doing repair outside the station when tied with a robe to it. These are things that became reality more than 70 years after he published his science-fiction book [11]. I want to draw your attention to one important fact-the Russians launched into space their first satellite on October 4, 1957 in honor of Tziolkovski’s birth. In 1957 Russia was celebrating 100 years anniversary of Tziolkovski’s birth, who was born on September 17, 1857 [11]. Another person with cosmic dreams was Sakyamuni Buddha. He wanted to see if there were other planets in our galaxy, the milky way, which are inhabited by human beings. Sakyamuni Buddha was born 6 centuries before Christ. “Buddha” means “awaken”. “Sakyamuni Buddha” means “the awaken one from the clan of Saki”. He sent his mind to see the milky way and came up with the answer-there are 6,000 inhabited planets in the milky way [11-13].


The subconscious mind of Buddha searched the entire milky way for inhabited by humanoids planets more than 2,600 years ago. It may take us another 2,600 years to explore our entire galaxy and see if Buddha was right. This is what the power of mind can do-it can take you to places nobody has been before and allow you to see things nobody has seen before. The same was true for Tziolkovski, but his vision took 60 to 70 years to become a reality. Probably, we wouldn’t be today humans with cosmic dreams to create moon colonies and to go beyond our solar system to explore the whole galaxy without sears like Tziolkovski or Buddha. I hope I convinced you how important is the ability to see with the mind for the development of a civilization.


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