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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Role of Antioxidants in Management of Mastitis in Dairy Cows

Submission: May 25, 2018; Published: January 03, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2019.03.000563

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume3 Issue3


Mastitis (Greek, mastos- breast; itis- inflammation) is inflammation of parenchyma of mammary glands regardless of the cause and is characterized by a range of physical, chemical and bacteriological changes in milk and pathological changes in glandular tissues. It is the reaction of udder tissues to injury produced by physical force; chemicals introduced into the gland, most commonly from bacteria, their toxins and other microorganisms. The incidence of mastitis is an outcome of interplay between the infectious agents, poor management practices, genetic and environmental factors which stresses the defense of udder. Both clinical mastitis and subclinical mastitis produce great economic losses. At present mastitis is single, largest and the costliest disease of dairy animals in terms of economic losses in India.

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