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Significances of Bioengineering & Biosciences

Water Should be Considered

Khalidullin Oleg*

Department of Ecology, Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

*Corresponding author: Khalidullin Oleg, Department of Ecology, Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

Submission: November 03, 2020 Published: December 03, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/SBB.2020.04.000582

ISSN 2637-8078
Volume4 Issue2


This is how Andersen's fairy tale "The Naked King" looks like, where cheaters sewed a dress from invisible fabric and everyone around took it as true because it was said that only fools cannot see this fabric. There are political examples, for example, fascism, communism, modern dictatorships. The same happens with the climate. It has been suggested that the climate is affected by carbon dioxide, and a clever concept of the greenhouse blanket has emerged. A group of scientists in Paris confirmed this, the propaganda worked, and the whole world became committed to this idea. In essence, this idea is leading the world to disaster. Because it distracts attention, forces and means from the true directions of saving the planet. It is like scooping up water from a sinking boat instead of sealing. The factories continue to manufacture engines and burners, and fuel combustion continues to increase. President Donald Trump is right not to recognize the Paris accords. But he also has no idea how to seal. It is necessary to pay attention to the direct source of natural disasters-water. It is water that creates floods, and its absence droughts and fires. For millions of years, water, biota (a community of plants and living organisms) and the water cycle have been created in close interaction. All of us in school learned about water that evaporates, passes through the clouds, precipitates, and flows into the ocean to evaporate again. However, not all links of the cycle are considered. Each of the links of the hydrological cycle has its own functional significance and impact on adjacent links, the total volume and frequency of the cycle. So, the movement of water through soil, streams, underground canals and rivers is not just a return to the ocean, but a rather long process of chemical transformations. Water is a solvent and a vehicle. By eroding the soil, it absorbs minerals and organic matter. This solution enters the organisms and plant roots. The next link in the cycle is biota, it's like a real plant. Every living organism and plant takes everything dissolved, builds its own cells from it, and expels water a vehicle from its organisms with waste in the form of breathing moisture, transpiration, urine and other secretions.

In the next link, water molecules in the form of gas and vapor become a vehicle for other elements. They are far from the same. Each of them is purely individual, has its own composition, structure and is accompanied by various elements up to 400, which perform new functions, for example, smells, pheromones, phytoncides, necessary for the interaction of biota species and intraspecific individuals. This can be confirmed by the following fact. “According to a recent study by Renato Zenobi and colleagues from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and University Hospital Zurich, respiratory a test can be as informative as a blood and urine test”. "Man, as a representative of the biota, is at the forefront of research”. Therefore, the research results also correspond to each living being. The next link, not voiced at school, is the actions of gas and vapor molecules in a single community after performing functions in the interaction of species and individuals in the atmosphere. In the total volume, a community of molecules, from each territory, gathering in the clouds, create a certain substance characteristic of a given area. This is where the assumption is made, which changes the understanding of the climate, represents the essence of the new hypothesis. Each substance of each area forms a single cloud of a certain property. Inside the cloud, reactions, actions, processes take place. For example, concentration, mixing, molecules and associated gases and trace elements, dust. In the process of moving downwind and mixing with other clouds, biochemical reactions take place that affect temperature, pressure, electrostatics, and other parameters, various conditions are created rain, hail, tornado [1]. “Tornado (synonyms-tornado, thrombus, meso-hurricane) is a strong vortex that forms in hot weather under a well-developed cumulonimbus cloud and spreads to the surface of the earth or water body in the form of a giant dark rotating column or funnel. "It is not without reason that a tornado occurs under the clouds and not under everyone” (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Mechanism of precipitation formation.

This is a mechanism of precipitation formation, which has a strictly defined order and traffic of creation, movement and distribution of precipitation throughout the planet. It is this mechanism that, over millions of years, has created the stability of volumes, regularity and places of precipitation. Proof of this can be considered the creation of different typical habitats are deserts and tropics, steppes and forests, glaciers and swamps. Regular reports from different parts of the planet about floods and fires indicate that natural sedimentation has changed the mechanism has changed. The precipitation distribution graph disappeared. This is also evidenced by the fact of melting of mountain and polar glaciers. The shrinking of glaciers is a sign of less precipitation. The main and main means affecting the climate is the human influence on the first link of the water cycle on the dissolution of minerals in their movement and their supply to biota. In the course of the development of civilization, mankind took 70% of the territory from nature, destroying biota there and placing agricultural fields, garbage and ore landfills, man-made reservoirs and canals, asphalt and concrete of cities and roads on it. From all over this territory, waters evaporate without fulfilling their functions. Isolation of the flow of water in rivers with concrete and stone, the creation of special channels and pipes limits the contact of water with the soil, reduces the possibility of dissolution of minerals necessary for biota. Evaporation of water from the degraded area can be called artificial [2] (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Natural soil is covered with a multi-meter layer of mine rocks; all the biota underneath is destroyed.

Figure 3: Water loses its consumers and evaporates without performing its functions.

Here, the natural soil is covered with a multi-meter layer of mine rocks, all the biota underneath is destroyed. Even more artificial vapors are obtained from the waters removed by mankind from rivers and underground sources. All industrial and communal processes that consume water have weaned it away from its natural functions [3]. Only 8% of the planet's fresh water supply is used internally. About 70% is used for irrigation and 22% for industrial purposes [4]. "For example, when a piece of land is deforested and converted for agricultural use or used for infrastructure development, it reduces the natural habitat available to species ..." Water loses its consumers and evaporates without performing its functions (Figure 3). Each culture requires special conditions for itself. There is no place for biota in the fields. Nature does not provide for heating, compressing water, dissolving, mixing, washing and drying objects and bodies. Artificial vapors differ from natural vapors in quality, volume and speed. We turned water into a tool, a working reagent, a means of production, an environment for increasing comfort. They began to use it as a liquid for washing the body, hands, and all surrounding objects. We move water with pumps, heat and boil, wash, cool, dissolve all chemical elements in it, fill the fields, turn the turbines of hydroelectric power plants, transport heat and feces with it. After use, all these waters change their structure and evaporate directly and from the sewage sump. Particular attention should be paid to the destruction of water molecules in the air by engines, furnaces, and compressors. Aircraft engines, engines of all ships, locomotives, and automobiles burn rather large volumes of air with fuel. Air contains many water molecules. All of them, when heated, pass into the category of artificial vapors. Therefore, it is also controversial what more affects the climate: artificial evaporation of water or carbon in the exhaust gases [5].

Environmental scientists claim that in 1995, earthlings "drank" 2300 cubic kilometers of fresh water. According to other information [6]. The population of our planet now uses about 7-8km3 of water every day. 7x366=2562km3 per year. And every day these volumes are growing with the development of technology and technology. All vapors of such water are deprived of their natural functions, minerals are not dissolved, biological treatment is not performed. The quality of the vapors is completely different, therefore, the biological substance also disappears. Clouds of a new kind do not have goals and properties polished by millions of years of transformations. The new mechanism of precipitation formation forms the graphs and volumes of precipitation in a new way. Therefore, we receive warnings in the form of natural disasters from excessive volumes in some places, fires and droughts from lack of moisture in others. The clouds, weighed down by new vapors, do not carry the given volumes of water to mountain, polar and subpolar glaciers [7]. Melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are considered one of the most dangerous global consequences of climate change caused by human activities, which will lead to an increase in the level of the World Ocean. There are very significant reserves of ice, and the rate of its melting in recent years has been increasing (Figure 4). “Swiss glaciers have lost a tenth of their mass over the past five years. This rate of melting is unprecedented in the entire history of observations, reports “The Daily Mail”. In a recent study, scientists measured the height and volume of twenty glaciers. The results showed that in the summer months they melt so intensely that they cannot compensate for losses during winter snowfalls”. All land in all regions will soon turn into a desert, and the lowlands will be occupied by the ocean. To prove this assumption, it is sufficient to determine the quality of the evaporation sources and the quality of the evaporations themselves. Anyone who can experimentally prove this can become the author of the discovery. Based on the proposed proven Hypothesis, a new concept of saving life on the planet is being developed. There is still such a chance [8].

Figure 4: Melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are considered one of the most dangerous global consequences of climate change caused by human activities.


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