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Research in Pediatrics & Neonatology

Advocacy for Children

Sajid Ali Shah*

Ayub medical college, Abbott Abad, Pakistan

*Corresponding author: Sajid Ali Shah, Ayub medical college, Abbott Abad,Pakistan

Submission: March 29, 2024; Published: May 15, 2024

DOI: 10.31031/rpn.2024.08.000684

ISSN: 2577-9200
Volume8 Issue2

Letter to Editor

Many pediatric platforms raised voice against children killing in the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine [1]. Being a pediatrician, I was shocked by such a low tone voice by the strongest, largest and the most influential platform of pediatricians. Actions and not words, shall work here. The very opening sentence of these platforms statement was biased, vague and shaky. Whether Hamas is a terrorist organization or not or whether Israel is a legitimate state or not [2,3]; we, as a pediatricians’, should not be concerned about this discussion. Likewise, presently, the children which are brutally killed, including admitted children and neonates, belong to Palestine and who is killing these children, is Israel. Our message must be clear, specific and crisp. This time, specifically, we should talk about Palestini children killing. Talking about children in Africa, Syria and other countries here, will simply make the voice vague and less effective. Because, this is this specific situation, which has made the environment too gloomy. This time for Palestini children and against Israel, and next time for any children disregarding their religion, race and nationality and against any country how much powerful it may be, we, the pediatrician shall fight. We want our children, all over the world, not to be damaged mentally, socially or physically. We all know that children killing comes under the definition of genocide [4].

There are many resourceful pediatric organizations, with some having a family of 67,000 pediatric physicians and surgeons. They can put efforts to establish field hospital for children in Palestine. Israel will not have the courage to attack on these hospitals being run by international organizations and thus they can provide lifesaving aid to the children. Likewise, being advocate and diplomate for the children, pediatric organizations should influence USA, western countries, UNICEFF and WHO to force Israel to stop innocent children killing. The USA and the western world seem very much worried about children and female education in Afghanistan. Because of their influence, no country has the courage to build up tie with Afghanistan. Even Russia and China cannot openly give hands to Afghanistan [5]. We, the pediatrician, demand the same forceful influence of these countries and organizations against Israel killing of Palestini children. If done in true letter and spirits, Israel will have no other way except to kneel down. But, if we remained cowardly and hypocritic at this moment, we would never be able to face our children.


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