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Research in Pediatrics & Neonatology

Pediatric Palliative Care? Where Are We?

Irina Suley Tirado Pérez1* and Andrea Carolina Zárate Vergara2

1 Medical Epidemiologist, Master Pediatric Palliative Care, Graduate Student Pediatric Intensive Care, University of Santander, Colombia

2 Medical Epidemiologist, Graduate Student Pediatric Intensive Care, University of Santander, Colombia

*Corresponding author: Irina Suley Tirado Pérez, Medical Epidemiologist, Master Pediatric Palliative Care, Graduate Student Pediatric Intensive Care, University of Santander, Colombia, Email:

Submission: August 10, 2018; Published: August 17, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RPN.2018.02.000548

ISSN: 2576-9200
Volume2 Issue5


The death of children always generates impact in the family and society. In all cultures and peoples is considered unnatural children to die since they represent the promise of the life and the future, so these losses are of great impact. Pediatric palliative care offered, before the imminence of death, a great choice of comprehensive care for children and parents facing this difficult situation. Traditionally treated patients have progressive, incurable, degenerative diseases and that significantly affect their quality of life. The classic example is that of children with cancer have not been able to be cured, or neurological diseases, congenital malformations, severe or lethal genetic syndromes; but it is not an absolute location, because there sick with suffering acute, as in the case of fulminant sepsis, head injury, fulminant hepatitis, among others, all of them catastrophic, that placed the child in the irreversible line of the diseases [1,2].

Pediatric palliative care (PPC) is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the active care of the body, mind and spirit of the child with a disease that threatens and / or limits their life. Pediatric, adhering to the established definition, this includes all children and adolescents with serious illnesses with prognosis of death, whose main foundation lies in an active work whose objective lies in the care of the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. This area seeks to improve the quality of life of the child and help families, working on the control of symptoms and care through death and grief. The concern arises of having the definition of a little-known area in our environment, product of the surprising thing that it is day to day to face patients who fully comply with the previous definition and to whom, however, a limited approach is offered only to treatments healing, which implies incomplete and inadequate care. Due to the lack of knowledge of this area, it is necessary to start the diffusion of its existence, that these cares are necessary and should be used, since when implementing their application, benefits have been demonstrated, which contributes to the integral care of patients. As a reference, we have the description of Dr. Ricardo Martino Alba, paliativist pediatrician expert in the subject, about the unit he heads in the Niño Jesús University Hospital in Madrid, officially created in 2008. He shares an arduous task obtaining the development of exclusive units for this population, trained personnel, infrastructures and resources necessary for its development, which shows positive results. With these resources the mortality of this population is not impeded, the fact and the maturity of accepting that the PPC contribute to the attention of said population the adequate coping and outcome is achieved [1,2].


  1. Alba RM, Moya SP, Rodríguez J (2014) Guía Estrategia en Cuidados Paliativos del Sistema Nacional de Salud. Actualización 2010-2014 Ministerio De Sanidad, Política Social E Igualdad, Spain.
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