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Research in Pediatrics & Neonatology

Prenatal Diagnosis of Suprarenal Neuroblastoma and Follow-Up After Early Surgical Treatment: Case Report andLiterature Review

Submission: September25, 2020; Published: October 23, 2020

ISSN : 2576-9200
Volume5 Issue1


Introduction: Neuroblastoma is relatively rare. The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcome with special focus on postoperative follow-up of a newborn with left prenatal cystic mass that evolved into lesion of mixed echogenicity with cystic and solid components.

Case Presentation: Ultrasound examination at 39 weeks of gestation revealed oligohydramnios and a cystic mass with the inability to evaluate the left fetal kidneys. Subsequently, the mother underwent an abdominal cesarean delivery of a healthy boy of 3.4kg. Physical examination was normal other than a large mass was palpable on upper pole of the left kidney. Postnatal ultrasound examination showed a predominantly solid suprarenal mass deforming the upper pole of the left kidney.The scan demonstrated alteration of kidney structure and displacement of the spleen and intestinal structures. The patient was admitted to an abdominal exploration with the most probable diagnosis at this stage of a cystic neuroblastoma or an adrenal hematoma as main differential diagnosis.

Results: The duration of the procedure was 240 minutes. The postoperative hospital recovery period was 20 days. No intraoperative or postoperative complications occurred. He had ultrasound control every 2 months with good report, the last control of marker tumor was normal and at 14 months after the procedure he continues with a favorable outcome.

Conclusions: The outcome of this patient was satisfactory the early detection although prenatal ultrasound and the early surgical treatment may diminish the risk of liver metastasis and chemotherapy treatment.

Keywords: Suprarenal; Neuroblastoma; Diagnosis; Surgical; Treatment; Mass; Prenatal; Pediatric; Ultrasound; Metastasis

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