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Research in Pediatrics & Neonatology

Childbirth Yesterday and Today: A Comparative Analysis of Women’s Experiences and Feelings Through the Ages to The Present

  • Open or CloseGrażyna Bączek1, Alicja Misztal2, Anna Kajdy3, Dorota Sys4, Barbara Baranowska5 and Joanna Jasińska6*

    1Medical University of Warsaw, Department of Gynecologic and Obstetrical Didactics,Warsaw, Poland

    2Department of Gynecologic and Obstetrical Didactics, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

    3St. Sophia’s Specialist Hospital, Warsaw, Poland

    4Department of Reproductive Health, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Warsaw, Poland

    5Department of Midwifery, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Warsaw,Poland

    6Warsaw Medical University named Tadeusz Kozluk,Warsaw, Poland

    *Corresponding author: Joanna Jasińska, Warsaw Medical University named Tadeusz Kozluk, Warsaw, Poland

Submission: August 11, 2020; Published: September 30, 2020

ISSN : 2576-9200
Volume4 Issue5


Introduction: Perinatal care has undergone many changes over time. Therefore, women’s feelings andexperiences will differ depending on the perinatal care provided at the time of childbirth. Time of childbirth and the perinatal care received are the main determinants in this process. However, one thing remains unchanged over time. Childbirth is considered one of the most notable events in the life of every woman. The aim of the study was a comparative analysis of experiences and feelings shared by females giving birth in the past and the present in Poland.

Material and methods: A questionnaire was designed specifically for this research project. It was a set of multiple choice (single answer) questions concerning childbirth conditions and perinatal care. Results were analyzed with a chi square test. Data was collected in 2016 in Poland. The questionnaire was distributed both in paper and electronic form.

Results: The study group comprised of 671 females divided into three groups: childbirth before 2000, between 2001-2012, and after 2013. This time frame was associated with significant changes in perinatal care in Poland over the years. Changes in the delivery rooms have raised the comfort of childbirth, but progression of obstetrics resulted in greater medicalization of childbirth.

Conclusions: Refinement of qualified assistance in labour, oriented on individual needs contributes to improvement of perinatal care and perhaps compensates for other inconveniences. It is necessary to put achievements of modern medicine-in order to ensure maternal safety during childbirth but not to disrupt its natural process.

Keywords: Childbirth;Perinatal care; Midwife; Childbirth experiences

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