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Research & Investigations in Sports Medicine

Opinions on Overweight Management. Losing weight not with calculated calories, but with grams…. with 60gr/day

Qeleshi Anesti*

Sport University of Tirana, Albania

*Corresponding author: Qeleshi Anesti, Sports University of Tirana, Albania

Submission: September 24, 2020;Published: September 29, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/RISM.2020.07.000656

ISSN 2578-0271
Volume7 Issue2


By making a memorandum of understanding with who read this, I want to make clear some thoughts, or opinions regarding overweight and its management. In fact, it is an interview with me, with responsibility and with an apology if it is not clearly understood by everyone. I do not want to write to an imaginary person like great ancient Seneca to Lucios, but I want to express as in a monograph some thoughts, which I say to myself hoping that it can serve as little as possible on this big problem, on the problem of overweight and its management. The first question that any colleague can ask is on what basis, and with what status do you seek to intervene in this matter…. how delicate and annoying over the last decades. Firstly, I have 20 years of experience at the University dealing with the issue of Fitness and after qualifying for the European master’s in health and Physical Activity 2008, this experience became even clearer. Secondly, I have a personal experience in losing weight. The first was in 1998 where I lost about 25kg in 6 months and where the interview was published in the University periodical by Prof. Perparim Ferunaj who is currently in the USA.

I want to share with everyone a positive idea of monitoring the body daily weight, weighing it twice a day, in the morning and after lunch. I want to clarify my view on this phenomenon that has involved the whole globe and especially in developing countries. Achilles heel in this case is staying in the new weight (maintenance) which to tell the truth the first time, in the individual program lasted only 6 months… and as usually happens the weight gain occurred at a speed greater than the descent. Interesting for the first time is that even the society itself did not accept me, so changed… I look very weak, should return to normality… and I returned willingly, and I became accepted. The late mother told me at that time… What are you doing my son do not lose weight because health is wealth, if it goes does not come any more This time many factors influenced, external and internal?

That what happened with me is wrong … it is known as weight cycling. Some scientists have hypothesized that repeated dieting –resulting in cycles of weight loss and weight gain (yo -yo dieting) is harmful both to weight management and to overall health [1], The second is now, I entered a personal weight loss program and lost 20kg again in about 8 months and I reminded and today still that weight. Now I had passed the psychological barrier that is predicted in us I had passed, pre-contemplation and even contemplation, I had time I wanted to enter the stage of action [2] … A desire for change this time radical, stable and above all healthy, monitoring the entire heart rate and blood pressure, muscle weakness that accompanies gradual weight loss and constipation.

To avoid blasphemy, I want to clarify that I have tried many different methods, and fitness exercises recommended by different authors but for 15 years I had chanced nothing All without success, I had years weighing 120kg. Today we are talking after 8 months of serious work that means physical activity, aerobics about 45 minutes a day (bicycle with Orbit track or Total Crunch… so at home, accompanied by walking in the family every day and an interesting comprehensive and manageable diet. The “weird” comprehensive manageable diet may not be called a diet, because I must emphasize that I have eaten everything, without predisposing carbohydrates or proteins to fats. Respecting the fasting after 7 o’clock in the evening that is similar with the famous fasting intermit 8 in 24 hours in TV show, I want to emphasize that after I have consumed normal meals, together with mini-meals in between, the question arises, wait… .calories, etc.

1. In my monologue, I want to introduce you a little bit, apologizing only for the simple methodology, but some time simple thinks work, and I hope for me too. It is not the methodology that BOB GREENE followed with his book BESTSELLER with OPRAH WINFREY and the ten famous steps…. In fact, I followed that program and again I failed. In fact, we all know how difficult it is to lose weight when you are overweight or obese, but it is more difficult to maintain that overweight.

2. The simple method of my permanent fall. First step, measuring with a simple morning weight scale (as we said above the psychological factor is the first in training, in change). Step Two - Weigh after lunch, marking the weight. In my monologue I want to not be bored and explain the imaginary mechanism that will help us. Consider the stomach as a net that holds fish or a kind of basket. In fact, the idea of the stomach as nets or baskets was said in the TV show of fitness expert like Casio Jones, where in this imaginary basket he threw the amount of industrial sugar that an everyday a person consumed. This imaginary network, when filled, stimulates the receptors in the brain and gives the feeling of pleasure and saturation. Just as basal metabolism (i.e. our calorie burning oven) is unique to each individual and depends on heredity, gender, weight, and age, so our bag or net is different for different individuals. The difference from breakfast itself and until the afternoon I have 2kg, someone else 1.5 someone else 1.6, someone else 1.7 and so on the detail that makes the difference. Since I have lost weight and this can be measurable for anyone, I continue to show the detail that makes the difference in weight. Throughout the month I have marked this difference that the body uses to feed itself where depending on the food it could be 1.9kg, 1.8kg .2kg. It was interesting that the body required this daily amount (this amount I have 15 years that I eat exactly). So, this 2kg of my daily to satisfy the body is unique only to me and I must intervene there.

3. Intervention in the imaginary basket of the stomach. The intervention is simple by lightening the weight that we monitored throughout the month with only 60 gr per day, i.e. with a ladle. It is necessary for the scales to show 60gr less the next day, only 60gr less. It seems that the stomach reacts like a second brain, like an intelligent being and after a month or two of effort when you look at the scales that you have or do not have 60 grams less than the previous day as a geometric progression begins and feels the change, feels the fall, in total monthly 1.5-2kg. A healthy fall allowed by all doctors (Table 1). But the battle has just begun… there are challenges and responsibilities, even before you As Bob Greene points out, anyone can think that they have lost water and not fat [3], while I say that it is also fat, as are muscles and obviously water. So, you need an aerobic exercise but why not and combined resistance training two once a week as much as psychological.

Table 1:

Note: Imaginer personal basket is 2kg.

4. If you remember, dear reader, as I said above, the problems that accompany this venture are the care to:

1) 1.blood pressure because fluids move

2) 2.capsule to be treated carefully with dietary fiber (hog yogurt, etc.)

3) 3.emotional side, you are entering a leather suit that you have not worn for 15 years, the skin organ really shows this. The whole venture does not have the character to produce a champion or a journalist running a marathon, but only one goal, improving health. If weight loss accompanied by a healthy diet and physical activity lowers blood pressure and glycemia, then we lowering mortality, so it makes people happier, so it is worth trying, it is worth listening to the words of a Balkan provincial professor, when he touches this taboo.

When 6 months pass, when 8 passes and you multiply by 2 the decrease being weighed per day, twice a day after 8 months, you see that you have a significant decrease, the clothes you have had so far do not, the opinion thinks that you are not sick or the most qualified and sympathetic think that you will fail and regain weight as it happened before. While your body is accompanied by a strange phenomenon, an increase in basal metabolism (resting metabolic rate) has changed, you have increased the combustion furnace and as it is known after 6 months physiological changes occur, where the body with the new suit burns better, lives longer well, eat better. Can increase as we said above and the daily food network and with the presence of all ingredients.

The challenge of staying continues, the challenge of the difference of 60gr per day continues, understood with the current previous weighting accompanied by a whole complex of health analyzes. As for myself I had monitored the tension and constipation that I thought would be a problem and when I saw in the norm with professional responsibility I thought to share it with everyone, with every person, with my wife. Not by saying like Archimedes “Eureka” but by seriously thinking that this can work. Saying to each other:

1) Eat normally, as you have eaten all these years, sending signals of pleasure to the brain, breakfast, lunch, small meals according to the imaginary basket, 1.5-1.7 2 to have the daily difference of the basket.

2) Monitor in the morning the difference only 60gr if it happened from the previous weighing, hoping that the stomach with its receptors has understood, if not think about the next day the small change that the scales should show.

3) Exercise 45 minutes a day with aerobic exercise combine with resistance training 2 times / week)

5. Make a normal active life with family and change ………

Small details again. In this significant drop especially from times of 20kg, the leather suit is new, the body feels weird but light and the mind is happy leaving behind 20kg, where as we said above it is more fat and obviously there is mass loss muscle and water and of course they are not 40kg like during a year [4]. The body has a new homeostasis that requires more, but care must be taken. In all this hydrostatic change as the submarine sinks into the depths of the water (I say this from experience as a former submarine sailor) and the body must be careful. The mind must control the body that seeks “revenge”, to fall more at this moment you need to be careful, staying in the depth and balance of the submarine is necessary.

You must wait the next 6 months, to stay at this weight by adapting the body to itself. Changing the whole wardrobe (this was a delicate point for Oprah as well). To prevent obesity, one should target young children, adolescents, and young adults [5]. Studies have shown that 60% of those who have been on a diet have returned to their initial weight more quickly within 6 months. Diets that emphasize one specific nutrient are typically ineffective and can be dangerous [6]. This is everyone’s individual challenge; this is self-advice. Lastly Self-friendly advice. Like we said above-weight monitoring every morning and why it is annoying. Eating as much fiber as possible (for myself I have consumed yogurt every day, garlic for constipation and constipation as well as lemon.) Blood pressure monitoring. Positive psychological attitude, because you are in the action phase at State of Change.

You have already succeeded. All this is accompanied by family, social responsibility for change. It is as exciting as it is serious and responsible. You live with him and you are happy, why not share it with your wife, relatives with people in need who are overweight. But there is a strong voice both in the literature and in everyday life that says that coping with weight is not easy, because there are many genetic factors that are predominant. In the first weight loss of 25kg I did not know, but now I know, and I am more responsible, and I know I can do it.

I am open and this can be verified very easily. 60gr per day that I suggested, 2kg per month up to 2.5kg does not spoil the work of the person is easy to achieve, it is methodically simple because you only need a scale to be informed and the desire to exercise no more than 45min at home with any type of aerobic tool. Meanwhile life goes on as it has been with your jokes, with the holidays with family joys, where your body and mind are united in a young man with more power and dynamism. Habits are the same, food is the same, you are different, grinding the food is different, your metabolism is better [7].


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