Research & Development in Material Science

Disintegration Properties and Drug Release Profiles of Sodium Alginate Films Modified with Additives

Submission: October 01, 2017; Published: November 15, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.2017.02.000529

ISSN: 2576-8840
Volume2 Issue1


The film dosage form (FD) is an attractive dosage form that can be used for local drug delivery. In this study, FDs were prepared with sodium alginate (Alg-Na) and additives. The disintegration profiles of the FDs were then assessed by measuring the amount of Alg-Na dissolved from the films in a limited aqueous medium. Caffeine and dexamethasone were used as the model drugs in the films. The relationship between disintegration rate of FD and drug release rate was then investigated. The disintegration rate of the FDs was accelerated when ascorbic acid was added as an additive to the film base. This phenomenon was not observed when sodium ascorbate was used as the additive. The disintegration profiles of the FDs did not affect the release rate of caffeine from the FDs. Conversely, the dissolution rate of dexamethasone increased when film disintegration was accelerated. The results show that Alg-Na-containing FDs are useful for patients due to their high solubility in limited media.

Keywords: Film dosage form; Sodium alginate; Film disintegration; Drug release profile

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