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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Problems of Observing Academic Integrity: The Influence of the Polymer Science Current State

Artem Artyukhov*

Sumy State University, Ukraine

*Corresponding author: Artem Artyukhov, Sumy State University, Ukraine

Submission: September 26, 2022;Published: November 02, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/PSPRJ.2022.04.000588

ISSN: 2770-6613
Volume4 Issue3


Technical sciences are field of knowledge in which, since the beginning of 2010, the directions inherent in the seventh technological order, namely the development of oil and gas production technologies and the Bessemer process in steel production, have gained rapid development. At the same time, the creation of sources of powerful radiation in the millimeterinfrared range is one of the main promising directions of the development of relativistic plasma electronics. The answer to the challenges faced by engineers and researchers in these fields began to be sought by scientists who gradually published the results of their research in authoritative publications. At this stage, researchers faced an important problem: how to maintain academic integrity, because using the property of other authors in their works without reference to them is a necessary condition for the development of the chosen direction. In addition, attention should be paid to such manifestations of dishonesty as falsification and fabrication of research results, because in a competitive environment, the one who presents the results of his scientific research more attractively is more successful.

Modern processes of globalization and establishment of interdisciplinary connections lead to the formation of a new face of the field of chemical engineering. There are works that combine research in the field of plasma physics and free electron lasers with the opening of new horizons in both research areas. In particular, to create favorable conditions for obtaining a monodisperse material with a developed porous surface without destroying the core of the granule, it is necessary that the granules at the initial stage are retained in the volume of the working space of the device, and after reaching the required humidity and structure of the surface layer, they are intensively removed from the working space with simultaneous drying. This leads to the fact that the conditions of three-wave parametric resonances for a large number of harmonics are fulfilled for the harmonics of the space charge wave, the frequency of which is lower than the critical frequency of the two-stream instability. This course of the experiment requires a multidisciplinary approach, so the use without correct references of the methods developed by well-known world scientists and specialized institutions allows you to focus research resources on an attractive presentation of your results against the background of competitive publications. The problem of observing academic integrity does not appear against the background of a rational approach, because a correct reference to each of the well-known experimental methods is inappropriate and requires additional costs of the author’s resource. Considering that the field of technical sciences ranks last in terms of propensity and ability to direct and indirect plagiarism, special attention should be paid to such manifestations of dishonesty as falsification and fabrication of research results.

For example, this material was submitted for consideration as part of an experiment to identify commercially oriented organizations that, for a certain organizational fee, will ensure the fulfillment of the conditions for achieving qualification requirements for obtaining academic degrees and titles, such as: organization of conferences, creation of magazines, assistance in advanced qualifications abroad. Before the reader is an example of compiling and using a set of terms to describe processes that are not related to each other. In the conditions of today’s rapid development of the technical field and in view of the imperfection of local systems for working with scientometric data the motivation of scientific employees for the regularity of original research of a certain quality, researchers are forced to resort to partial fabrication of results. Such an approach cannot be called useful for the field in the full sense, but it results in a certain improvement of scientific texts and the preservation of valuable scientific ideas within closed scientific communities. The submitted material calls for the fight against dishonesty by refusing to publish in dubious journals, participating in “predatory” conferences, improving qualifications for a certificate in exchange for a certificate. The example of the material presented here and the fact that it was accepted for publication shows that scientists have the opportunity (often for a moderate price) to publish pseudo-scientific articles and, as the heads of various organizations of the “Worldwide Development of Scientific Research” like to say (the example of the title is the author’s) , to expand the “geography” of publicizing one’s achievements and to give significance to one’s profession through internships and publications abroad.

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