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Perceptions in Reproductive Medicine

Stewards of Your Ancestors Genes

Paul TE Cusack*


*Corresponding author:Paul TE Cusack, Saint John, NB Canada

Submission: June 15, 2018;Published: August 10, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/PRM.2018.02.000540

ISSN: 2640-9666
Volume2 Issue3

Letter to Editor

PThere is an interesting phenomenon taking place that greatly affect (or is the cause), or childlessness. It is every bit as potent as sterility or barrenness. It is a social outlook that goes against reproductive attitudes that is leading to voluntary sterility. I term it Reproductive Depression.

We know that Western Society is greying; that is fewer couples opting have children beyond the replacement rte. We have fewer white couples being formed and marrying to go to proud cue a brood of children.

Why is this so?

The brief answer is that there has been major social changes in the way liberal women conduct their reproductive health. Things like HIV stumped a lot of sexual freedom that was brought on with the Birth Control pill in the 1960’s in the West.

Many young women don’t want to bring children into this world because it limits their supposed happiness with a career, a house and high social status -higher than their parents. Women have moved into the work force in increasing proportion and simply don’t have the time and energy for having more than one or two children, if any at all. There are childness couples by choice permitted by birth control. In addition, we have ramped abortion in the West that shunts human life if that life will interfere with social mobility.

Some women and men claim that that don’t want to bring children into this world because of many macro problems such a s terrorism and war; environmental exhaustion; drugs. Etc. The list is endless. Has the world always been this bad? Or has it always been unwelcoming to children and happy parents?

Divorce is yet another assault on the family. Liberal views on divorce beginning with the end of the reign of the Church and Christian values has led to staggering divorce rates has left families smaller. In fact, liberal views on homosexuality; gender dysphoria; bisexuality, and promiscuity has lead to decreasing childrearing and has lead to the destabilized nuclear family. This is part of the cause of barrenness in man and women. With women entering the work force, many women earn more income that their male partner. Women psychologically want to look up to their man. It s hardwired in their genes.

Job preparation, or education stunts fertility because young people are tied up with excessive study in preparing for their life’s work when they should be having kids in their early 20’s. Competition tress in the work place especially leads to impotence in males. This is yet another attack on fertility. Embarrassment of ED is untreated. Mass media of beautiful women lead men to want the “trophy” wife that just doesn’t exist. The “Me too” campaign has made it that men and women may not come together at all because of restriction on initiation of a sexual relationship. It hurts men as well as women.

Promiscuity as a teenager leads to slower off spring rates because it is so difficult raining children at such a young age. Most girls will only have one child outside of wedlock. Promiscuity as adults leads to a man being cuckold and thus untrusting of his wife, and her offspring. Finally, many couples were faced with doing worse than their parents. Women especially don’t want their provider (if we can call him that) to drop in social status, so don’t bother to marry at all. In short man and especially women have abdicated their ole of being stewards of their ancestor’s genes that has lead to decrease of fertility among white western couples leading to the greying of the western world. There social pressures which lead to Reproductive Depression, it as every bit a fertility problem as infertility. Many men and women who were physically able to have children choose or were forced not to reproduce with consequently mental health problems such as terrorism and school shootings. This explains the rise of the extreme right in politics in the West as we seek to return to previous, more productive times. Anything that artificial stand s in the way of reproductive health will not stand a generation. It’s time to rethink reproductive health issues. This is my opinion from years of observation. Each one of these issue should be examined more closely, then put together holistically.

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