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Perceptions in Reproductive Medicine

Sanitary Surveillance of Male Condoms in the City of Rio De Janeiro during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Submission: July 21, 2022Published: August 05, 2022

Volume5 Issue2
August , 2022


Background: The increase in the incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) represents an important public health problem. The natural latex male condom is a resource available to men and women that fulfills a dual protective function. In Brazil, male condoms are compulsorily certified. Although the certification process evaluates the manufacturing process in detail until the final product, it does not address commercialization issues, as it is a function of the sanitary surveillance.
Methods: Two different brands of male condoms, purchased in the Rio de Janeiro city trade (Sample A) (Sample B) were evaluated. The quality control of the male condom involves one important insufflation test, which evaluates the resistance determining the volumetric capacity and the rupture pressure. For the insufflation test, we tested 200 units per brand, according to the criteria established in the Resolution of the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance nº. RDC 554/2021 that allows up to seven nonconforming units.
Results and Conclusion: Both the two brands met the criteria established in the Resolution of the National Health Surveillance Agency no. RDC 554/2021 for the inflation test, which allows up to seven nonconforming units, however, we found nonconformities in both. We conclude that, in addition to certification, there is a need to monitor this product in view of the sanitary risk observed

Keywords: Male condoms; Public health; Sanitary surveillance

Abbreviations: STIs: Sexually Transmitted Infections; SBD: Brazilian Society of Dermatology; WHO: World Health Organization; MPT: Multi-Purpose Prevention Technology; AQL: Acceptable Quality Level

Injection; HER: Electronic Health Records

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