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Perceptions in Reproductive Medicine

Is Technology Effective in Sports Competitions?

  • open or closeSeyda Belfin Aydin*

    Department of Physical Education and Sports, Turkey

    *Corresponding author:Seyda Belfin Aydin, Department of Physical Education and Sports, Turkey

Submission: June 15, 2022 Published: June 24, 2022

Volume5 Issue2
June , 2022


The technology is a term that people in every occupation, every country use frequently. They use on the streets, at school, at home and they have all of the control over many things thanks to the technology and technological developments. As they use technology, life become easier and they can get more energy for other things. Actually, it is seen that machines are over control on human lives. People get everything trusting on the technological developments. It seems like they do not use any human power on activities. Sports and sports people have been come to encounter with technology and technological developments too over the years pass by. The term smart equipment has come to face to be used commonly in sports area. It usually refers to instrument solutions with sensors embedded in equipment itself. Smart technological solutions and devices are allowed in sports. Although smart solutions are not allowed for competitions, technological devices are used to enlarge the success in competitions. Sports and technology have a long history of merging together fruitfully [1,2].

Technology has been very successful in offering sports people better and more nuanced feedback of their athletic performance. Advancements in sensor technology have been providing athletes with information about their abilities, skills and achievements in ways not previously attainable without technology. Not only technology has sustained information to athletes to gain insights of their abilities; but also it helps to boost athletic performance. In this article the technological sights of competitions and sports achievements is going to be discussed as well as technological equipment developments which are used in sports competitions. It is basically argued that technology and technologically developed equipment that are used in competitions help athletes to score better.

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