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Perceptions in Reproductive Medicine

Women’s Oppression and Politics of Female Reproductive Health in the Indian Subcontinent

  • Open or Close Sreerupa Sengupta*>

    Department of English, Auburn University, USA

    *Corresponding author: Sreerupa Sengupta, Department of English, Auburn University, Alabama, USA

Submission: January 20, 2018;Published: January 23, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/PRM.2018.01.000516

ISSN: 2640-9666
Volume1 Issue4


Women in the Indian subcontinent, which consists of primarily three South Asian nations India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, suffer maximum exploitation because men take undue advantage of women’s reproductive labor to the point that women lose their right to their bodies, sexuality, and personhood. Women in this region of the world are often denied the joy and pride culturally attached to motherhood because their pregnancy does not get validation either from their families/communities or from their male partner. Ironically, the interest of a husband or a partner does not always match with the interest of a society.

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