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Progress in Petrochemical Science

Temperature Influence on the Process of the Gelation of the Engine Oil

Submission: July 02, 2020 Published: July 29, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/PPS.2020.03.000565

ISSN 2637-8035
Volume3 Issue3


The article discusses the process of gelation of engine oils and its influence on exploitative properties. The results of research on the propensity of engine oils for gelation at low and high temperatures are presented. The influence of various factors such as: base oil, vegetable oil, FAME and soot on the gelling process was determined. It was found that the cause of gelation of oils, depending on the operating conditions, oil components, may be several factors independent of each other. These factors are discussed in the article.

Keywords: Gel; Gelling process; Engine oil; Oil components; Vegetable oil; Fame; Soot

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