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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

The Future of Psychotherapy: Should Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy be Utilized Instead of Psychodynamic Therapy?

Submission: October 23, 2019;Published: October 29, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/PPRS.2019.02.000549

ISSN: 2639-0612
Volume2 Issue5


There has been an evolution of therapeutic approaches in psychotherapy since its inception. Sigmund Freud is often credited with the initial development of psychotherapy using a psychodynamic approach (late 1800s). The emphasis of this approach was to bring repressed or unconscious memories into conscious awareness so that they can be explored within the context of the therapeutic relationship and the resulting transference. Devotees of this theory thought that long term therapy was needed to repair the damage due to early childhood experience.

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