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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

Minding a Healthy Body: Clarifying Media Roles as Primers in the Rating of Body Satisfaction in a Variety of Social Categories

  • Open or Close Sebastian G*

    Department of Psychology, Scotland

    *Corresponding author: Sebastian G, Department of Psychology, Scotland

Submission: July 18, 2018;Published: December 03, 2018

Volume2 Issue1
December 2018


In current literature surrounding body image and media, there is an overwhelming sense of the responsibility of media as a means of skewing expectations of beauty. This skewing process has been explained by a multitude of theories, however the Social Comparison Theory and the Tripartite Model generate an explanation by both the means and the value of media functioning as a prime in the perception of body image. However, in contemporary studies, findings challenging this this responsibility have emerged.

This study attempts to clarify the immediate role that media plays in the processes which generate body image satisfaction in individuals. This is done via chi-square tests for independence on the 360 questionnaire participants responses regarding their pre-priming body satisfaction, prime category (Overweight, Underweight and Healthy Eating), post priming body satisfaction and the socially descriptive categories of participants. These results indicate that there is observed relationship between media inspired primes and the body satisfaction rating of participants. When compared toward social categories, only individuals diagnosed with a Body Image Disorder demonstrate a significant relationship with priming and changing body satisfaction ratings. The implications of these findings to existing literature is discussed and limitations are addressed.

Keywords: Social comparison theory; Tripartite model; Body image; Body satisfaction; Media; Priming

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