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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

How are Love, Loneliness, and Health Related?

  • Open or Close Ami Rokach*

    Department of pyschology, York University, Canada

    *Corresponding author: Ami Rokach, Department of pyschology, York University, Toronto, Canada

Submission: June 27, 2018;;Published: September 26, 2018

Volume1 Issue4
september 2018


Love and loneliness are not thought of as relating to each other, but under some circumstances, they do. This article reviews the concepts of intimacy and love. It explores what each of these concepts are, and the positive effects that love has on us psychologically, emotionally and physically. We describe what happens when love wanes, the impact it has on our romantic union, what are the causes for its disappearance and how loneliness may, thus, become an integral part of the relationship.

Keywords: Intimacy; Love; Romantic union; Love busters; Loneliness

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