Orthoplastic Surgery & Orthopedic Care International Journal

Pain Management Strategies Postoperatively in Arthroscopy of Hip. A Review Article

Submission: February 22, 2021; Published: February 25, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/OOIJ.2021.02.000536

ISSN: 2578-0069
Volume2 Issue2


Hip arthroscopy is an increasingly rapid field in the treatment of multiple hip conditions, owing to its important diagnostic and therapeutic benefit. As these patients lack a consistent pain relief plan, effective post-operative pain control appears to be a concern. Several methods were used to identify a method that decreases post-operative pain, narcotic intake and hospital and treatment system costs. This article aims to study and report the relevant findings of the previous paper “Post-operative pain management strategies in hip arthroscopy.”
Latest research encourages the use of a multimodal approach to the treatment of postoperative pain in hip arthroscopic patients. In tandem with peripheral nerve blocks or intraoperative anesthetic injection a pre- and after-operative analgesic regimen is used, patients experience lower discomfort and post-operative narcotic use. Different methods are similar in post-operative pain and opioid use. However, of those undergoing intraarticular (IA) or Local Anesthetic Infiltration (LAI), postoperative risks relative to peripheral nervous blocks are smaller.
Latest trials have demonstrated that the best and most reliable, multi-modal treatment for the reduction of postoperative pain in these patients may be intraoperative techniques such as IA injection or LAI in combination with a pre and postoperative analgesy. Furthermore, failure to use the peripheral nerve block can result in lower anesthesia procedural fees and operating room turnover, thereby lowering patients’ costs and increasing facility effectiveness.

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