Orthoplastic Surgery & Orthopedic Care International Journal

Retrospective Revision of Knee Arthroplasty Performed using Robotically Assisted Technique

Submission: October 10, 2018; Published: October 22, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/OOIJ.2018.01.000531

ISSN: 2578-0069
Volume2 Issue2


Minimally invasive unicompartimental knee arthroplast is characterized by numerous advantages, in comparison with total knee arthroplasty, such as earlier recovery, less post-operative morbidity, improved knee function. These advantages have been obtained also thanks to the robotic assisted surgery, that allow to plan the arthroplasty more accurately, with improved outcome for patient. A device for robotically assisted arthroplasty that has emerging as the best device for unicompartimental knee arthroplasty. It works on compute tomography acquisitions and predicts the correct position for prosthesis, the ligament stress and the final extension and flection of the treated leg. In this study, we describe the results obtained on 876 patients subjected to different procedures in which the robotic device for knee arthroplasty has been employed to perform 919 knee implants. Statistic evaluation of different parameters, measured before and immediately after prosthesis placement, demonstrate the accuracy of robotic device for knee arthroplasty, in facilitate and assist surgeon procedures in order to obtain the best results for patients. By robotically assisted arthroplasty a negative outcome can be prevented because the positioning of the prosthesis is more correct and programed already before surgery, aligning rightly tibia and femur, balancing correctly the ligament and optimizing bone preparation.

Keywords:MAKOplasty; Unilateral knee arthroscopy; Robotically assisted surgery

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