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Open Journal of Cardiology & Heart Diseases

Easy Steps of Management of Neonates with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)

Nurun Nahar Fatema*

Congenital and Structural Interventionist, Combined Military Hospital, India

*Corresponding author: Nurun Nahar Fatema, Congenital and Structural Interventionist, Combined Military Hospital, Bangladesh

Submission: November 11, 2022;Published: January 11, 2023

DOI: 10.31031/OJCHD.2023.04.000580

ISSN 2578-0204
Volume4 Issue1

Neonatal Cardiology is the Most Important Segment of Pediatric Cardiology for Many Reasons as Follows

a. Baby born with the Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD). So, all the congenital heart problems can be diagnosed in neonatal period by a thorough neonatal examination.
b. CHD is an important cause of mortality and morbidity in newborn so early detection is mandatory.
c. Treatment of many such severe problems are possible in neonatal period to save the life of newborn.
d. Transcatheter interventions and surgeries of many such problems are available in neonatal period.
e. Most of the patient with persistent fetal circulation, persistent pulmonary hypertension of newborn and complex CHD like TGA without shunt, tricuspid atresia, pulmonary atresia, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome {HLHS) die in neonatal period.
f. If fetal echocardiography predicts critical heart disease, then baby should be delivered in a center with facilities for immediate management.
g. A team composed of neonatologist, pediatric cardiologist, pediatric cardiac surgeons, intensivist, obstetrician is necessary to deal with such critical cases.

Early Suspicion can be Possible from Following Observations