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Open Journal of Cardiology & Heart Diseases

How Quantum Biology Can Eradicate Heart Diseases

Marco Ruggiero*

Silver Spring Sagl, Switzerland

*Corresponding author: Ruggiero Marco, Founder and CEO of Silver Spring, Via Raimondo Rossi 24, Arzo-Mendrisio 6864, Switzerland

Submission: March 26, 2018;Published: April 04, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/OJCHD.2018.01.000520

ISSN 2578-0204
Volume1 Issue4


The title of this opinion article is a homage to Professor Hameroff’s paper of 2012 entitled “How quantum brain biology can rescue conscious free will” where the role of quantum computations in microtubules inside brain neurons is described as it relates to the elusive concept of free will [1]. Quantum biology, and its applications in medicine, represents a fascinating new field of research where “spooky” (as in Einstein’s definition of entanglement, “spooky action at a distance”) phenomena occur. However, rather than being spooky, these apparently inexplicable phenomena may confer protection against stressors and, more in general, against diseases. In a very recent paper, researchers from the McMaster and Queen’s Universities of Canada, described results related to radiation-induced bystander effect that can be explained only by taking into consideration quantum biological processes at the level of complex organisms such as rainbow trout or zebra fish [2]. In this study, the Authors observed that both types of fish were able to anticipate a biological response to events that had not yet occurred, as if some form of entanglement between fish exposed or nonexposed to ionizing radiations had taken place. Interestingly, these biological responses had a protective meaning as if the irradiated fish “warned” the non-irradiated animals to take precautions against a harmful event. In layman’s words, the irradiated fish had experienced the harmful effects of an environmental stressors, had adapted accordingly by implementing protective responses, and then, showing a remarkable display of altruism, had “shared”, in ways that still have to be described, this bad experience with the non-irradiated fish so that they could be prepared and protected just in case the experimenters decided to irradiate them. Quite obviously, the non-irradiated fish who had learned from the bad experience of the irradiated ones, have now a significant advantage; should they be irradiated, they are protected.

If such a bystander effect is comprehensible to a certain extent, as the molecular mechanisms responsible for this sharing of experiences are not known, when it occurs after the fish had been irradiated, it defies classical logic when it happens before any of the fish has been irradiated. The Authors of this study seem to realize this difficulty as they write in the Discussion section “At first sight, the results may seem beyond strange ...” where “beyond strange” is not much different from “spooky”. Consistent with being “beyond strange”, the Authors write in the conclusive sentence of the Abstract that “... some form of anticipation of a stressor may occur leading to a preconditioning effect or temporally displaced awareness after the fish become entangled.” It does not escape anyone’s attention that “some form of anticipation of a stressor” and “temporally displaced awareness” could be interpreted as more scientifically acceptable ways of saying “to see into the future and adapt accordingly”. It is worth noticing that these “beyond strange” effects were observed in two very different species that are separated by millions of years in terms of evolution, in different organs, and using three different assay end points, thus ruling out confounding factors. Therefore, it can be postulated that these effects are very ancient in terms of evolution and, since they involve basic adaptive mechanisms, there is no reason of doubting that they are at work in mammals and humans as well. In the case of the fish described in the paper quoted above, quantum entanglement presumably occurred when the fish were allowed to swim in the same container, albeit separated by a mesh divider. Therefore, whatever message they may have exchanged or whatever form of entanglement had occurred, it had to be mediated by water. This prompted the Authors to quote in the Introduction section the “memory of water emergent signal” as described by Beauvais in 2012 [3]. From another point of view, the observation by Mothersill et al. [1] may provide an explanation for the well documented observation performed by several Agencies of the US Government as they were described by Jacobsen in 2017 [4].

Another consideration concerns the specie-specificity of the effects observed by Mothersill et al. [1] and prompts the question as to whether biological quantum entanglement occurs only within the same species or may also occur between different living beings as it may seem more logical - even though everyday logic is hardly at work in the field of quanta. Should this be the case, we can then imagine that all living beings are somehow entangled as we all derive from the primitive ancestor whose appearance on earth dates back to some 3.8 billion years ago. This concept is consistent with the idea of the rhizome as originally proposed by Deleuze & Guattari and how it relates to the microbiome and immortality as I have recently described in a peer-reviewed paper dealing with this subject [5].

Based on the observation and speculation exposed above, we can imagine that all diseases derive from alteration or misalignment of biological quantum entanglement, whether at the level of DNA [6], cytoskeletal proteins [1], or neurological/social interactions as we have recently postulated for autism [7]. Heart diseases would then be no different, as heart function is based on extremely precise coordinated signals involving chemical and electric interactions where quantum phenomena may be at work. If this is the case, methods or procedures to restore quantum alignment may thus be envisaged to cure or prevent diseases from a perspective quite different from the current approaches based on classical pharmacology. One such project involves developing ways to receive information under the form of quantum entanglement either from animals who are naturally well protected against certain diseases, or from humans with favorable characteristics that make them resistant to the same diseases. In this regard, we have developed procedures aimed at restoring quantum entanglement within cells of one’s body with the goal of delaying or reverse aging [8], and it is conceivable that such approaches may work at the level of heart diseases as well. At the same time, devices operating at the quantum level and able to realign quantum entanglement are being developed [9], and it is foreseeable that integration of the approach described in [8] with the fields generated by this type of devices will provide a way to prevent and cure diseases at the quantum level, thus paving the way for a completely novel approach to medicine.

Significance of Work

The original concepts exposed in this opinion article represent a breakthrough that has the potential to revolutionize the field of cardiology and, more in general, the approach to medicine. Application of principles of quantum physics to biology and medicine may allow eradication of diseases by preventing their occurrence before they manifest themselves.

Competing Interests

Marco Ruggiero is the founder and CEO of Silver Spring, a Swiss company dedicated to research, development and production of supplements and probiotics. No product of Silver Spring is mentioned in this article. Marco Ruggiero has invented a number of products and consults for several companies; none of those products or companies is quoted in this article.

Stone S Personal Communication [9]

Humanitad Foundation in collaboration with the Netherlands based Fritz Popp Laboratory are incubating continued research & development of a device called ‘QT-Pi’. This device consists of an electrical charge inducting coil and counter coil apparatus. Once charged, the coil and counter coil create an intersecting radiant field (two conical vortices “kissing” at the center). This zero-point “marriage” between the dielectric and magnetic force activates a quantum effect. As purified water passes through the ‘zero-point’ of the intersecting radiant fields (more remarkably through a quartz crystal funnel) the water molecules emerging through the other side of the funnel are restructured into super-sensible molecules. The emergent molecules being observed have a much extended arc of decay occurring as result of the invigorated geometry. The same effect is occurring in the ‘field’ around the electrically charged device, when it is switched on: such effect being measured with advanced tools of kinesiology. The air or ‘ambient field’ around the device (measured up to 500 meters away) demonstrate a palpable quantum entanglement effect. In simple terms, the outright effect of the QT-Pi device, when activated, is coherence of the geometry of both water and air. Finally, an important thing to note is that the QT-Pi device is subject to the influence of a seemingly limitless number of factors, including pressure, temperature, proximity to individuals, geo-location, angle, etc.


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© 2018 Marco Ruggiero. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.

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