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A Behavioral Learning Theory Public Health Education and Promotion Campaign Plan for COVID-19

  • Open or CloseLisa M*

    American College of Education,Portugal

    *Corresponding author:Lisa M, American College of Education, Portugal

Submission: September 21, 2020; Published: November 09, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/OABB.2020.03.000557

ISSN 2578-0247
Volume3 Issue2


The article includes a COVID-19 public health education and promotion campaign plan to prompt change by applying major behavioral change principles and procedures. Best practices research to motivate, support, and sustain health behavior change includes the application of Behavioral Learning Theory when educating the public regarding COVID-19 health challenges. Topics evaluated include:

1)Behavioral Learning Theory,

2)6-month timeline for accomplishing three COVID-19 public health communication objectives, and

3)SWOT analysis.

Keywords: COVID-19; COVID; Novel corona virus; Behavioral learning theory; Public health; Promotion and education; Public relations campaign; Advertising campaign; Communication strategies; Health communications; Behavioral objectives; Health objectives; Health behaviors; Naturopathy; Holistic healing; Natural medicine; Alternative medicine; Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM); Western herbalism; immunity

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