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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

Application of Plant Extracts in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Open or CloseDamani Z1 and Topi D2*

    1Medicinal University of Tirana, Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences, Department of Diagnostics and Health Rehabilitation, University Hospital Center Mother Theresa, Albania,

    2University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Albania

    *Corresponding author:Topi D, University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Albania

Submission: August 01, 2022;Published: August 26, 2022

Volume6 Issue4
August , 2022


Plant extracts constitute an essential source of organic substances, known as plant metabolites, of immense interest to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Promising new applications of plant extracts as natural preservatives in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and cosmetics are under development. The main ingredient groups present in plant extracts are essential oils and polyphenols. Both have found use as food additives with divergent functions; food and feed supplements with interest in human or animal nutrition; and plant protection products. Numerous studies highlight their antimicrobial activities. Recently, there has been considerable emphasis on studies involving essential oils and extract ingredients to inhibit pathogenic microorganisms’ growth. They have demonstrated that these compounds also possess potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antiviral agents. Plant extracts are currently the subject of intensive scientific research and attract the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries’ attention due to their potential as pharmacologically active ingredients or natural preservatives.

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