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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

Which Type of Breakfast Cereals is Healthier: Evaluating Labels in the Portuguese Market

Submission: May 09, 2022;Published: May 30, 2022

Volume6 Issue4
May, 2022


The need for nutritional improvement of Breakfast Cereal Products (BCP) has been pointed out, namely regarding sugar, salt, and fat contents. Fibre has several proven health benefits but has been ignored in previous studies. This study aimed to evaluate the nutritional quality of BCP in the Portuguese market, especially regarding fibre content. A total of 247BCP available in online stores of the leading retailers were evaluated regarding the nutritional profile, using the information given in the products’ label. BCP were divided by types according to texture/appearance and production method. Nutritional differences between branded and white-label BCP were also investigated. The majority of BCP have healthy values of total fat, saturates and salt. BCP marketed for children have the highest sugar content values (p<0.05). Extruded rich in fibre and Flakes have the lowest sugar content and the highest fibre content (p<0.05). Few BCP enriched in fibre were found (3.8%), with 10 to 29g of fibre/100g of product. The healthiest products are in the groups of Extruded rich in fibre, flakes, Extruded for adults, granolas, and muesli. However, there are also unhealthy products in flakes and extruded groups. There were few differences between branded and white-label BCP. In case of difference (p<0.05), the branded cereals were healthier. Many BCP in the Portuguese market needs improvement regarding sugar content, namely all BCP marketed for children. Generally, a low percentage of the recommended daily dietary fibre intake is obtained from one BCP serving. Brands are rarely healthier than white-label products.

Keywords:Breakfast cereals; Nutritional quality; Food label

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