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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

Edible Oil and Fat Consumption Patterns Among Turkish Consumers-A Case Study of Manisa city

Submission: June 24, 2020;Published: September 16, 2020

Volume5 Issue1
September, 2020


The aim of this study is to identify the edible oils and fat consumption habits of Turkish consumers. A questionnaire to evaluate the attitude of consumers toward various edible oils and fats was administered to 300 individuals in Manisa central districts. Olive and sunflower oils were reported to be consumed daily, while hazelnut and corn oils were not preferred. “Brand” (35%) was the primary influencer of edible oil purchasing decision of Turkish consumers. On the other hand, the most important criterion in the oil consumption of the respondents was “flavor” (41%). The present study also showed that Turkish consumers have positive attitudes towards olive oil and other vegetable oils.

Keywords: Consumer; Consumption; Turkey; Fat; Manisa; Oil; Questionnaire

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