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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

A Diagnostic and Treatment System Based on the Gut Microbiota Balance

Submission: February 07, 2019;Published: February 15, 2019

Volume2 Issue4
February 15, 2019


Chronic diseases such as obesity, Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, allergies, and others are becoming more frequent according to statistics. Nevertheless, health programs based on traditional strategies are not having the expected results. On the other hand, scientific findings have linked the gut microbiota role with metabolism, immune and hormonal response, as well as the brain-intestine axis finding. All these results had not been used in clinical practice. During last years, there have been collected scientific results from Centro de Investigación y Asistencia en Tecnología y Diseño del Estado de Jalisco A. C. and Grupo MaBiosis to apply this findings to create a system to evaluate traditional parameters and include gut microbiota parameters to generate a more accurate diagnosis; decide the best treatment, based on this diagnosis, and re-evaluate treatment to prove this treatment is the best for each patient. This system promotes the use of all these avant-garde technology in patients under health protocols with a higher response rate, then it has been developed to enrich clinical practice for health specialist and is able to be adapted to any specialty area in health sciences. It is considered crucial, to use technology a scientific finding to combat current problems.

Keywords: Gut microbiota; Nutrition; Health; Disease

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