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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

Pre Scaling Up Of Chickpea Technologies at Dawa Chefa District

Submission: April 11, 2018; Published: May 14, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/NTNF.2018.01.000527

ISSN 2640-9208
Volume2 Issue1


Chickpea is the most important leguminous food grain in the diets of people in South and West Asia and Northern Africa [1]. In the long-term, Ethiopia’s competitiveness in chickpea exports would critically depend on improving productivity, enhancing grain quality and ability to consistently supply required volumes of market-preferred products at competitive prices. Evidence from participatory variety selection showed that chick pea varieties Minjar and Kasech had a greater yield potential as compared to their categories i.e. Dessi and Kabuli types [2]. A total of 17 voluntary farmers having 5.25 ha of land were selected at Tuche kebele of Dawa chefa district. 5Qt seed of Minjar variety was provided to selected farmers based on their clustered farms. Farmers were implementing farm activities on selected experiment sites of each cluster in collaboration with extension agents. Field day has been organized by Sirinka agricultural research center and coordinating role was given for socioeconomics and agricultural extension research directorate. Farmer’s during interviews reveals that using the improved variety Minjar is very important for preventing chocolate spot. Therefore, Scaling out Minjar variety should be carried at Dawa chefa and similar agro ecological areas through strengthening seed producer Cooperatives.

Keywords: Chick pea; Clustering; Field day, Minjar , Pre-scaling up

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