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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

21st Century Safer, Effective Nutritional Supplements to Enhance Health

  • Open or Close Russell Jaffe1* and Jayashree Mani2

    1 Fellow, Health Studies Collegium, CEO,PERQUE®,ELISA/ACT® Biotechnologies andMA GiqueBioTherapeutics, USA

    2 PERQUE LLC and ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies, LLC, Virginia

    *Corresponding author: Russell Jaffe, Fellow, Health Studies Collegium, CEO,PERQUE®,ELISA/ACT® Biotechnologies and MA Gique BioTherapeutics, Virginia

Submission: February 28, 2018; Published: April 11, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/NTNF.2018.01.000518

ISSN 2640-9208
Volume1 Issue4


Personalized, predictive, proactive, primary prevention practices promote long and short-term quality of life. In the 21st century full function supplements are required for good health. The decrease in essential nutrients in the food supply coupled with the increases in environmental and personal stress mean that without regular and intensive supplementation, people progressively become deficient in multiple needed nutrients affecting the body in numerous ways-ranging from causing a decline in cognitive health to increasing overall inflammation and therefore burdening the immune system [1]. From antioxidants to essential minerals, from vitamins to cofactors most people pay a biological tax because their cells are hampered by lack of nutrients that must be taken in because they cannot be made inside the person.

Abbreviations: VOCs: Volatile Organic Chemicals; POPs: Persisting Organic Pollutants; PC: Phosphatidyl Choline; MCT: Medium Chain Triglycerides

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