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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

Vitamin D as Nutritional Strategy to Treat Autism

  • Open or Close Afaf El-ansary1* and Hanan Qasem2

    1Central Laboratory, Center for Female Scientific and Medical Colleges at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
    2Autism Research and Treatment Center, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

    *Corresponding author: Afaf El-ansary, Central Laboratory, Center for Female Scientific and Medical Colleges at King Saud University; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Submission: February 23, 2018; Published: March 27, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/NTNF.2018.01.000512

ISSN 2640-9208
Volume1 Issue3


Autism is a neuro developmental disorder that is caused by many factors such as genetics, environment and maternal condition. There are a lot of environmental risk factors that influence autism pathogenesis by their epigenetic effects [1]. Among the risk factors of autism as a multifactorial disorder is the low vitamin D status in early development. The concurrent increase of prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and autism during the last 20 years might help to suggest vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency during pregnancy or in the first year of life as a contributor which can be related to different etiological mechanisms of autism. Confirmation of the role of vitamin D status in autism may provide strategy for primary and secondary preventive interventions. This manuscript is an attempt to solve the contradiction related to the role of vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency in autism and to find its relationship with oxidative stress; neuro inflammation, autoimmunity and glutamate excite toxicity and apoptosis as pathos-physiological mechanisms.

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