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Novel Research in Sciences

Novel COVID-19 Treatment with Novel Therapy

Javeria Fazal*

University of Calabria, Italy

*Corresponding author:Javeria Fazal, University of Calabria, Italy

Submission: November 18, 2020;Published: March 04, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/NRS.2021.06.000632

Volume6 Issue2
March, 2021

Statement of the Purpose

The main purpose of this research is to laid down a new concept leading to increase the survival rate of corona infected patients. As coronavirus is spreading widely in all over the world and many deaths have been reported due to this life threatening disease. So in this study, a new strategy has been introduced for the very old vitamin-D in order to put forward that how vitamin-D can be used as a primary precursor for the treatment of novel coronavirus and its relationship with Covid-19 effected individuals [1].

Methodology and Theoretical Orientation

An observational analysis of electronic health record data was used to evaluate the impact of Vitamin-D on different age and race of patients (including adult and geriatric patients) [2]. SAR (Structural activity relationship; was also utilized in order to get the cause of death in diabetics and hypertensive patients. Also “like dissolves like” principle was introduced to figure out the inactivation of coronavirus.


The most important victims are the immuno-compromised, diabetics and hypertensive individuals. It is also evident from the outbreak of the coronavirus as it is more common in those countries where sunlight is not as sufficient as it should be like in Scandinavian countries.


The mortality rate is much more in immuno-compromised patients so to avoid from being infected with coronavirus one should take Vit-D as immunity booster and the daily intake of Vitamin-D should be 1,000 to 4,000 IU and so on depending upon the immune competency of the patient. Also Vit-D is a fat soluble vitamin, and it will dissolve the lipid layer of coronavirus leading to its inactivation according to “like dissolves like” principle. Secondly the glycoproteins (the outer sweet coating of cells) in the coronavirus leads to increase in blood glucose level of diabetics so the diabetic person is more prone to death. The mortality rate is also much more in hypertensive patients due to lack of water because of shrinkage of cells that defines SAR (Structural activity relationship [3]. Therefore, the hydroxyl (-OH) group of cholecalciferol will react with -H of the acidic group (amino acids) of proteins that coronavirus contains to form water and the outside of the cell will shrink leaving the person dehydrated and that is why the mortality rate is higher in diabetics and hypertensive patients as the glucose and the ions become more concentrated in blood (due to lack of water) so the infected individual must be hydrated in order to compensate the blood glucose and blood sodium potassium ratio. This is the most cost-effective treatment that every patient can easily afford it and we do not need to have any budget plan. In this way we can decrease the mortality rate.


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