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Novel Research in Sciences

A Study on the Effect of Heat on Human Body

Shaikh MA1 and Shariful I2*

1Department of Textile Machinery Design and Maintenance, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Bangladesh

2Department of Textile Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Bangladesh

*Corresponding author: Shariful I, Department of Textile Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, City University, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Submission: August 27, 2020;Published: September 22, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/NRS.2020.04.000598

Volume4 Issue5
September, 2020


The aim of this paper is to study the effect of heat on human body. The consequences of great heat on the body are numerous and become more hazardous as long as the high temperature perseveres. High temperature may cause a lot of dangerous effect to human body including dehydration, illness, vomiting, headache, heatstroke etc. Human body can decrease its temperature by perspiring or discharging temperature into neighboring cooler air or water. Human beings may use a variety of methods to cool down body like as, not to spend more time in the sunshine, controlling movement, and wearing breathable cloths etc. Persons can be careful to stay correctly hydrated to evade dehydration, which auxiliary upsurges body heat. Heat stroke reasons blood pressure to fall and the heart to beat quicker and more erratically, amplifying the risk for high-output cardiac letdown. Small blood lumps can also form in blood pitchers, averting healthy passage and cutting off blood stream to other portions of the body. Body heat also upsurges in reply to germs such as infections and microorganisms. An amplified body heat aids the body to fight against diseases that is why a fever is habitually a symbol of getting ill.

Keywords: Body heat; Heatstroke; Dehydrated; Sunburn; Fatigue; Sweating etc.


Human body heat increases when the exterior temperature rises but also when the inner temperature upsurges. Specialists think the normal body temperature to be about 98.6ºF, but it can differ by up to 0.9ºF reliant on the time of day. Regular body temperature also varies somewhat from person to person. After strong physical action or on a hot day, it is communal to have a higher-than usual body temperature. Still, a body heat of overhead 100.4ºF (38ºC) could point to fever. Hot outdoor temperatures, strong physical activity, diseases that cause fever, and confident suppositories can all reason a high body temperature. It is likely to reduce body heat in two dissimilar conducts: externally or internally [1]. Jumping into a cold pond is an instance of external cooling, while drinking cold water benefits to diminish body temperature on the inside. The human body is always flexible its heat. Human body can decrease heat in four ways like vaporization, radiation, convection and conduction. A brain area called the hypothalamus is accountable for changeable body temperature. It forms the body’s current heat against its usual temperature and then controls it. When the body is too warm, regulation happens through perspiring to cool it down. When it is too stony, the hypothalamus activates trembling to warm it up [2].

Though it may appear counterintuitive, eating hot foods and attractive in activities that reason the body to perspiration could possibly make it feel cooler in contrast with the outside heat. This is because sweating decreases body fever. Drinking of cold water like juice, iced tea or minerals can help to diminish body temperature by freezing the body on the inside. The general ingestion of fluids can also inhibit desiccation, which can upsurge body temperature. People can decrease their body infection by stirring to an area with a cooler exterior temperature. The body will fail heat by convection [3]. Swimming in cold water, taking a tepid bath, or smearing cold water to the body can decrease body heat. In these circumstances, body heat will fall as a consequence of transmission. Smearing cold water or ice to tactical points on the body where the strains are close to the exterior like as the wrists or neck can very fast lower the heat of the blood passing through such veins. This permits the body to sense chiller. The body discharges heat when it transfers. In high temperatures, human beings are probable to sense less hot if they circumvent heavy bodybuilding and bound their effort [4]. Figure 1 shows excess temperature creates perspiration and discomfort to human body. Heat badges more simply through some cloths than others. Natural materials like as cotton and linen, permit heat to seepage from the body more effortlessly than synthetic textiles, like as acrylic and nylon. Provisional on the cause of high body heat, taking a complement may help to control body temperature. At times, high body temperature may be due to a feverish thyroid. Once this is the case, a human may also sign other indications, like as a fast heart rate, perspiring, jaundice, and misperception. Anyone who ponders that they may have a thyroid case should talk to a doctor. To spend time at outside of home in high temperature can raise the temperature of the human body [5]. If a human wear a thick cloth in such hot temperature, he may lead to increase the temperature of the body. To spend more time in the sunshine may raise the temperature of the body or can cause heatstroke, which people usually say sunstroke. Children and older adults are chiefly at danger of heatstroke. Dehydration from expenditure of more time in the sunshine can additionally raise body temperature. So, it is essential to drink cold water and to break after lengthy sun or heat contact. To drink of coconut water is a good technique to revive and energize the body and to reduce its temperature. Taking of buttermilk in ideal amount may also cause to cool down the body and recover metabolism.

Figure 1: Excess temperature creates perspiration and discomfort to human body.

Effect of Heat on Human Body

Sweating: Sweating is the usual cooling process due to heat. Human body tries to sweating caused by increased temperature. Sweating is the natural process for cooling the body. Sweating creates perspiration and it’s evaporating human body temperature slowly. It acts better in warp weathers where moisture is low. People may be tired and occasionally become ill if it this evaporation system does not work properly as human body cannot tolerate continuous high temperature [6].

Heat Exhaustion: It occurs in extreme heat when human body does not get cold sufficient and perspirations away too much liquid and salt. When human body exposed a high temperature of more than 100° Fahrenheit then human body may be tired, ill, dizzy, and nauseous, and have a annoyance. If person goes to a cold covered place, lie down, take rest and drink cold water containing salt and sugar may get rid of this situation [7].

Heatstroke: When body temperature goes above 104° Fahrenheit then heat stroke may happen. Human body becomes warm and dry before a person being attacked with heatstroke. Other side effects may happen with this such as headache, illness, dizziness etc. Human body may get jumbled or nervous, and have a fast beat, biliousness, and annoyance. For giving fast remedy to this treatment, the infected person is needed to take to a cold room and give him proper medication [8].

Dehydration: While it’s hot weather, human body can sweat away too much liquid, along with vital natural resources like sodium and potassium, can be desirous for drinking and pee less than normal, and his mouth and tongue may feel thirsty which is termed as dehydration. Human body can even feel dazed, groggy, and chaotic. Head for a cold place and drink somewhat stable with salt and sugar can reduce this problem [9].

Heat Rash: Heat rash may often happen to human body in warm and humid weather, when body sweats so much. When body holes can’t get rid of heat rash, body often halts out with tiny red crashes. It is seen at different places like armpits, mole, neckline, shoves, and underside of breast. Human body can get rid of this illness taking proper medication, stay in a place of normal temperature, wearing clothes made up of natural fibers like cotton, linen etc [10].

Sunburn: Bare body may be injured if it’s in the sunshine for too long time. It may become ruddy, prickly, throbbing, and warm to the trace. If stern, human can have wounds, headache, temperature, and sickness. In the long run, suntan upsurges the risk of emerging skin malignancy, drive esoteric as soon as possible. A cold, moist fabric and aloe Vera lotions can help mollify the pain. Better yet, avert sunburn with attires, hats, and broad range sunblock of at least 30° Celsius [11].

Heat cramps: While a person is showing to temperature, the electrolyte balance in the body is pretentious due to extreme perspiring. This initial stage is named as heat cramps, in which persons feel sore cramps in legs and stomach. That is why the normal information given to persons during the summertime is to drink much water. It is healthier if persons add salt, sugar and certain lemon juice in the liquid to reinstate the electrolyte inequity [12].

Fatigue: People who endlessly exposed to heat, who are incapable to substitute the water and electrolytes in human body, they are dropping through perspiration, will suffer from heat exhaustion that causes fatigue or tiredness. Human body could influence a stage where movement of blood to the brain decreases. Separately from cramps, those distresses from heat exhaustion may face biliousness, dizziness or fuzzy vision. They may sense somewhat disorientated and may be unable to endure their actions as a result. People of different ages are even seen to become weak.


It has been seen from the paper that, the effect of heat on human body was discussed. In usual heat conditions, human body cools down by perspiring. But occasionally perspiring is not sufficient or not possible, in such circumstances the heat of the body raises quickly, which may harm the intelligence and other vital parts such as the head, kidneys and the liver etc. Old aged person and child are most susceptible to this situation. Persons on certain suppositories, particularly those with high blood pressure, who are counseled diuretic drugs to eliminate the surplus water from the body, are also in danger. Heat stroke reasons the brain to swell, leading to annoyances and even annexations in more exciting cases. Victims also practice an improved level of awareness, counting misperception, hallucination, phantasms, anxiety and even oblivion. The circulatory system is exaggerated as well. With respects to the renal system, heat stroke reductions urine output and reasons a condition identified as acute cylindrical necrosis, in which the kidneys nosedive to accept enough oxygenated blood to sustenance proper task. Age shows a big role in the body’s capability to adjust heat. Young children and the ageing are not only more disposed to high hotness due to their lower working nervous systems, but they might also have more exertion to remove themselves from a hot condition.


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© 2020 Shariful I. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.