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Novel Research in Sciences

Life Legend

Liu Zhao Yang*


*Corresponding author: Liu Zhao Yang, China

Submission: February 10, 2020;Published: February 21, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/NRS.2020.3.000563

Volume3 Issue3
February, 2020


The earth is the magic stone. Life is reincarnation. Whether it’s laying a chicken or laying an egg, it’s half of it. Man is power and woman is space, the power and space are completely separated. The life is completely static that is a legend from motion space. Human, God and magic power are three elements in society. Cupid’s sword is the embodiment of hatred. The magic stone is possessed by the mind.

Keywords: Double

God and Me

God intelligence is double. Human is double civilization. Man is power with the beauty in form and woman is civilization with the winding space. Man is life gravity and time machine; woman is life creator. Man is earth and woman are water. Gene is double language. One bird matches one fish. God has a test that is man thinks and God laughs. I am not a joke for God. Some people are blind for their hearts. Hell is a test; I am not the devil in the hell. Those who insist on evil life deny the existence of hell. Sometime hell is empty; the devil is on earth. Plant is a test; I am not the zombie in the forest. The war between plant and zombie happens every day. Woman is a test; I am not immoral behavior for human space. Immoral behavior is catharsis of the heart. Bird and fish are a test; I am not bad man for fish and not low life for bird. Tagore’s Stray Birds and Mermaid may be two different pursuits to create the deep life. The deep spiritual pursuit is the ultimate principle or God of love and harmony in the universe, the depiction of the spiritual connection of all things in nature, the organic integration, the presentation of the intimacy, interaction and fusion of man and nature, love and God, and the praise of freedom, equality and fraternity of life has generated a rich and meaningful philosophy of life. Life is a test; doctor uses various biochemical drugs to cure disease. I am not drug for life. Dog and wolf are a test; I am wolf for evolution theory [1-4]. This may be the fervor in the soul. I am dog for God student. God can speak. The speech is excellent for the god. Sometimes I am a thinker with God smile and I am life legend for woman body (Table 1).

Table 1: Social element.

Evolution Study

If the life is the thunder number, on the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. A rule in chess refers to a special way of action of soldiers. When one side’s soldiers reach the bottom line, the eighth horizontal line for the white side and the first horizontal line for the black side, through straight or oblique eating, they can become one of the rear, car, horse and elephant, but they can’t become king or remain the same. Once a soldier is promoted, he will have the function of a new chess piece. The evolution list is as follow (Table 2). From an academic point of view, Darwinian evolution is indeed the biggest magic knowledge of the 20th century. In biology, species are variable, and race is constant. Racism is a variation of race. Under the banner of variable species, evolutionism actually covered up the consequences of Western racism, such as World War II, Hitler’s massacre of Jews. The fossils of human race in evolutionism are suspected of racial discrimination. Generally speaking, species destroy human race. From the perspective of journey to the west to analyze the theory of evolution, species change is monkey king’s seventy-two changes, and race change is the white bone essence of journey to the West. Evolutionism has many side effects on Oriental people. Under the banner of survival of the fittest, the theory of evolution actually hides the essence of black widows in Western civilization. There is also the law of the jungle, which is not human behavior but animal behavior. The survival of the fittest conceals the group strength and growth strength of the weak.

Table 2: The evolution list.

If the race does not change to 1, the species change to 0. From the practice of Western civilization, the western academic community did not use humanity and mixed blood to replace racism from the perspective of atheism and racism was an underground weakness for society, such as the Second World War and atom bomb that was based on the fear of war. From the perspective of biological common sense, people are born by their parents; people grow up by eating, which is equivalent to human space and human power, and the largest science in biology. There are three forces in biology, the first is the power of drugs, the second is the power of vaccines, and the third is the power of genetically modified food. Biology is based on transposition. Evolution is a double-edged sword. While promoting human development, evolution’s side effects are mainly manifested in influencing people’s self-healing. The biological name of AIDS is acquired immune deficiency syndrome. From the perspective of human being as a parent, side effect form evolution should be named as acquired repair deficiency syndrome. From the perspective of people growing up eating, if genetically modified food is abused, the side effect of genetically modified food may be easy to cause human degradation. The direction of human evolution is sometimes the direction of failure, and the arrow of failure mostly points to the Oriental people. Why is AIDs the biggest disease in biology? Once people lose their immunity, any disease can invade. The human immune system has scientific foresight. Once fully activated, it can prevent all diseases from invading. In physics, everything in the universe moves, and life is completely static. The expansion of the universe and the remoteness of galaxies are caused by the devouring of matter. The universe began as a person.



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