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Novel Research in Sciences

Life Forms and Universe

Sadique Shaikh*

Institute of Management and Sciences, India

*Corresponding author:Sadique Shaikh, Institute of Management and Sciences, India

Submission: January 13, 2020;Published: February 06, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/NRS.2020.3.000559

Volume3 Issue2
February, 2020


This is the short communication I wrote with serious thinking what instant review on alien and their technologies must put forward where single book touches all possibilities and fact and fiction about alien. The big reason and indentation behind this article to disperse all information with update coverage, where fiction realizing to change into reality. This communication I have start with positive serious thinking on aliens and their existence. If someone refused alien existence means on other planets if life forms exist, they will not accept to the existence of mankind on planet earth, if they are thinking life on earth so of course we are alien for the civilization of other planets. Hence, we exist on earth its universal truth similarly alien life forms exist on other planets with their technologies we should not have to refuse this fact, at least consider.

In some evidence its proved alien found some territories of planet earth or in ancient alien files it’s not only said alien seen on earth but they resident and civilized on planet earth for long time and they vanish by any means after that phase evolution of mankind on planet earth, they might be died or left planet earth because of earth climate change which was not suitable for them and same became most suitable for evolution of mankind. It is also possible they only came on planet earth for specific tenure of time to evaluate, create and settle human life forms and other animals and species life forms on planet earth and they left after this on their planet. Here we have several theories, files, witnesses, images, books and research paper references as well as audio video libraries on UFO and Alien beings but still government organization refused to accept and change their statement time to time or either destroy the aliens files/ records or missing them to maintain privacy or to hide reality I don’t know.

But I know one thing they might be doing all these either to protect mankind civilization from fear or to they studied all aliens files and data confidentially to engineer and develop anti aliens technologies to protect planet earth, earth cultures, civilization and all from criminal like aliens might be come in future in search life form on planet earth and earth climate. In several files, books and papers on aliens and UFO I realized one common thing is that all reported aliens has bulbous heads dark black/Blue eyes and humanoid body, here my concern is if they are as similar like to mankind means there planet climates also as map to planet earth climate. Because of civilization and all life forms existences on our planet due to climates, soils. Atmosphere, oxygen and water on earth, and if aliens came on our planets as reported and able to survive on planet earth that’s means their planets also has planet earthlike climates on their planets that’s why those humanoid looks like human and survive. If we genuinely consider which planet have most similarities to our planet, then the answer is Mars planet means all reported aliens on earth planet only from mars even six chapter strongly support to this statement. Always researchers and witness as well as evidences point to one thing is that spaceship and alien technologies which are several times stronger and efficient to human technologies created on earth.

If happen is like this than why till date there is not any communication with them, here my point to put forward is of course alien exist but their technology might be they also making advance and better as like mankind on planet earth. And when our technology become capable to establish inter planet communication up that time may be alien technology also able to establish inter planet communication, and on that they come soon as seeing human technology race. If any planet has human like intelligence whatever its name and nature doesn’t matter only the matter thinking, processing, engineering, implementing, and using ability with memory-like and mind-like elements in them they will definitely have technologies like mankind.

It’s not correct to say Alien technologies working principles and energy requirement similar like human technology, for example a machine perform all kind of logical and arithmetic operation on principle of digital or optical or quantum electronics what we used to call computer, alien have any technology perform likewise operation but principles, energy requirement and name would be different as I said before. May be like our printed circuit board they use some magnetic stone circuit boards which feasible to their environment. On planet earth mankind only using few percent of solar energy and radiation with direct or with transforming it into other energies like solar to electric. But alien might be knowing how to use 100% of solar radiation, energy into transforming in many forms how to use hydrogen, neon and other gases and their isotopes. As we are using earth soil only for little application like farming, watering, transporting etc. Alien uses several thousand applications of their planet dust or soils. It’s possible in alien life forms as we processing, executing and controlling our technologies by brain which central processor in body, where brain not directly execute and control instead of this its issued neuron commands to various body sensory and actuators parts which execute and control, whereas alien directly synch their brain-like part which has intelligence with their technologies and execute & control.

And there is lot of possibility of it with seeing their images of Area-51, and also with seeing images life on mars. Area-51 and recent investigation life on mars not only humanoid forms, but also species and animal forms even bacteria and fossil life on planet mars make our assumption about existence of alien civilization and their technologies on other planets in space strong to believe in alien beings. If alien exist, alien civilization and technology exist, there might be chances of alien crimes and experiments on human race and planet other and interfere and hike to our technologies our life form and planet earth secret databases and information, if technologically they are strong from us. Maybe they use high electromagnetism which stuck up or stop our all technologies using magnetic waves and radiation which they pull up from space and others stars directly. May be those have or haven’t blood but sure have any liquid in their body which keep them alive even without aging effect. i.e. no deaths, that liquid might be photo/electro/magneto luminance or conductive depend on their planet position in solar system and space. There are also strong possibilities all planets in universe have our botanical culture like culture from where they got foods, medicine, fuels and likewise things. There is also possible what soils or space materials like dark energy etc. they are using those have thousand times high young modulus like parameter. It is also possible as on planet earth we single mankind civilization only with differences of color, language, food, health, height according to different countries and their change climates but basic mankind typology is unique, but aliens or humanoid beings has different typology though they belong to same civilization even four different typology mentioned on planets mars of alien/humanoid beings.

Might be they use for intercommunication and personal communication purpose various kinds of light intensities, frequencies as languages only with hamming no words. The botanical cultures trees, plants, crops and grasses like objects are radio/electro/photo luminance and use electro chemical, magnetic/electric energies to keep alive themselves like on our planet earth botanical cultures used to sun light, air and water to keep themselves alive. The birds and other species animals like objects exist on other planets but might be innocent or danger bizarre body shapes. It’s also possible alien to all other species communication possible on other planets with thinking links, frequencies etc, which is not possible on planet earth only human to human communication. It’s also possible if in space other planets exist which has similar nature to our planet human life exist and we have neural connectivity with our map human body on another earth-like planet. According to references might be there no or different breathing-like system and if single climate there means no concepts of night and day means our dates system only time is moving on infinitely.

To get better understand of course we have our own measuring concepts to space and planets, for examples Mars labeled geographically completely where day measures in Sol which is 24 hours 39 minutes and 35.244 seconds long as compare to Earth day. It is also possible most intelligence alien civilizations monitoring to us where our intelligence and technologies just about to type- 0 or type-1 civilization (Use conventional energies only 20% from Sun) and they are on type-4 or type-4 those uses energy forms and technology forms from our solar system, milky ways, energy stars, from space dark or anti-matter or helium, neon’s or any possible isotopes of carbon, hydrogen etc. I am not claimed those having mankind like forms but ultra-intelligence species moving with velocity of light and space time.

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