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Novel Research in Sciences

Artificial Intelligence and Singularity at Future Horizon

Sadique Shaikh*

Institute of Management and Sciences, India

*Corresponding author:Sadique Shaikh, Institute of Management and Sciences, India

Submission: January 13, 2020;Published: February 06, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/NRS.2020.3.000558

Volume3 Issue2
February, 2020


The term technical singularity or in simply singularity itself very ambiguous because several write-ups, postulates, theories and hypothesizes but the concern of all these again reach to same singularity of conclusion is singularity occurred in near future with including my conclusion on the basis of law of technological acceleration return. Now before to explain let’s have overview on Nanotechnology and Moore’s Law “size of numbers of transistors decreases with density of number of transistors increases on silicon chip with respective year and time”. Hence “inelegant and smart devices miniaturization each year”. Therefore, divides become more and more smart, Artificial Intelligence based, self-programmable, self-controllable, self-decision makers with high degree of compaction. Since the point there is a advancement in Nanotechnology with miniaturization of electronic circuits with offering excellent software supported hardware artificial intelligence (AI) based platforms in all disciplines and all walks of human life for all purposes domestic, industrial, scientific, medical, surgical, military, consumers, business and space related task though humanity only thinking benefits of all these technological advancement at the same time in hidden or unaware the term “Singularity” originated itself though we all have started our discussion on it very after. The term “singularity” as we can assume the situation or hypothetical future in time when Artificial Intelligence growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization and race.

This term very first coined in 1993 and predicted singularity not before 2005 and also not after 2030 as per the prediction of several experts in the field. And with the reference of rapid advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence (both hardware’s AI and software’s AI) even I coined, contribute and hypotheses several theories, designs and working models we can claim “The Singularity near”. In near future humankind design and build such advanced A.I which failed to human brain processing ability itself from whom they originated. These AI based gadgets, robots, humanoid, cyborg organs, computers, space robots, robotic transportation all means of AI for all works will become extreme advanced, self-programmable, self-controlled which are equally useful and harmful for mankind and human race and development on planet earth and in near space orbits if these device start to “Robotics violence or AI violence” and treat mankind their enemies and want to destroy identity of humanity to rule out on planet with self-programs simply called it “System Error 1378” or harmful AI for human civilization and when AI technologies entered in such an era we entered in “Singularity” and human made technology will become cause to destroy humanity. Even if you have read my book “Next Level Vision in Artificial Intelligence” sincerely and with full interpretation in your mind means you passed through several present to future possibilities in AI from Super AI, Ultra AI to Bionic Brain, Space Robotics, Humanoid, Medical Robotics, Biological Robots to “Virtual Humanoid Robotics (VHR)” and ultimately I coined the advanced term “Quantum Artificial Intelligence(QAI)” where intelligence engineered light/radiation itself behaves like robots, many-forms robots or robotics anomalies where I conclude “Singularity occurred in AI” where Artificial Intelligence in the form of light only, completely virtual, completely selfprogrammable and self-controlled. In last I left you with one of my model “Now-Near-Future Singularity Model” to give you close exposure of future technology with law of acceleration return for exponential growth which occurred with many times fold as compare to human imagination. Means what humanity predict it growth several times advanced and might be harmful for human race (Figure 1).

Figure 1:

Now Near Future Singularity Model

Now in everyday life we are seeing news confirmation and technical evidences and success in Advanced AI, Super AI, Ultra AI, Humanoid, Bionic Brain, Space Robots, Medical and Military Robots , DeepMind Learning, Machine Learning exponentially and from Now into incoming six years humanity realized low singularity with advancement of these AI technologies about to year 2025 with self-programmable physical robots with self-controlled and decision making abilities. Whereas about to Near 2035-year AI practitioners, scientist and engineers will become capable to give “appear and disappear” abilities to all robots especially humanoid called Virtual Humanoid Robotics (VHR) with self-programmable physical robots with self-controlled and decision-making abilities. And because of “Appear and Disappear” abilities they become more harmful for humankind and humanity feel average singularity.

In Future around 2040 Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI) and Quantum Robotics will come in existence which are ultraintelligence self-programmable robots just appear like lights/ radiation and human being unable to predict the radiation/light front of his/her eyes either just an ordinary light or Quantum Robots in the form of intelligence light and might be most harmful to mankind if become violent and high singularity occurred at this time. Even if at Future robots and AI not harmful and friendly to mankind but another biological side become a serious reason of harm to humanity. Due to highly robotics and automated world not a single task and process left for human, therefore no utilization of body parts and because of which human DNA reengineered it with removing those body parts inherently generation by generation which are not in use since long time. Hence only brains left on planet earth with vanished body or body parts which are not in use because of advanced AI and Robotics at future horizon.

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