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Novel Research in Sciences

Defining to Theory of Thoughts Frequency (ToTF)

Sadique Shaikh MD*

Indian School of Technology and Management, India

*Corresponding author:Sadique Shaikh MD, Indian School of Technology and Management, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Submission: November 21, 2019;Published: December 10, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/NRS.2019.2.000547

Volume2 Issue5
December, 2019


What I am going to discuss with the aid of this note insist you to rethinking and restructure your thinking and life and existence of Humankind as well. I don’t know whether you are aware with this biggest fact of universe or not and that “Since the point of you born to the point of you die, your brain start thinking of thoughts which emits every time frequency of liking and disliking to Universe to visualize and create picture according to your emitted thoughts frequencies to create your own life and Universe”. Hence the phenomenon of this colorful, vibrant and full of motion life is actually illusion of “thoughts frequency” emitted from your brain, transmitted to Universe which is just like a “Black Drawing Paper” and your Thoughts Frequencies just like “Brushes and Color Pens” to draw objects, science, situations, people, things, life and Universe as you want to draw on “black drawing paper” we called it “Space”. Means what I would like to give in your notice the formation of everything, your life, family, relatives, home, colony, city, country, planets, galaxy, milky way, clusters, super clusters, deep space and ultimately Parallel Universes (Multiverse) is your thoughts creation reality front of your eyes and in which direction with what thought frequency your brain moving and headed you can only see that much part of life picture and rest of the just “Space”.

Analogically take example you are lonely driving bike or car on highway in dark night, then what happen with you at that time? You can only see the pictures front your eyes from the point light intensity of your bike/car lights able to reach and above to that range and also behind yourself you unable see anything except darkness. Similarly you want to have some food you moving to get it from your bedroom to your kitchen, therefore bedroom start to disappear and kitchen start to appear per your thoughts and emitted thought frequency and for entire process and after having food you back from your from your kitchen to your bedroom again for rest your kitchen started to disappear whereas bedroom started to appear which was disappeared. The interpretation of said is you can only crate life reality and things visualization from to the extent your eyes view angle able to see or reach and rest of the dark energy and space.

Now how it is true in case of Universe formation consider situation earth has one moon and of course we can see in sky but why? Because someone thought and explores and stated and declared then this information passed from ancient to modern generation to generation and structured our thoughts which emits frequency earth has one moon and we can see. Analogically it like today is Sunday and I knew today is Sunday but some of my friends used to kidding with me and say be ready for college today is Monday, first I will ignore but one, two three and all friends including family members insist to me today is Monday so even I will go with majority with thought “Today is Monday on Sunday”. Everyday space agencies and organizations explore and defined new stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, dark energy, asteroids, clusters, super clusters and so on, which is the thought of someone declared and mapped in all brains hence all we see same thing what explored in universe with insert there thoughts in our brain to feel and see same picture called distributed thoughts frequency to all for same feels and illusions. But as per my perspective thoughts and it emitted frequency responsible for existence of all. All postulates, theories, principles, forces, phenomenon based on someone thoughts only even “Theory of Thoughts Frequency (ToTF) is based on thoughts of Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh thoughts and emitted thoughts frequencies”.

Hence if someone agree with me my thoughts and his/her thoughts has fine thoughts frequency tuned and matched for thoughts frequency interference and superimposition therefore we seen same picture of life and agree with each other, whereas if someone else disagree with me means his/her thoughts and emitted thoughts frequencies don’t have fine tuning and unmatched called inverse thoughts frequency or isolation thoughts frequency and because of this me and the person has different feels and illusions of life and universe. It would be easy to understand to remember like our thoughts are very powerful energy and frequency which emits life form illusion as we want to space which is every single bit even more less unit we can consider filled with “Space Informatics” which is dark energy and antimatter and building block of our reality even investigated by CERN as “Higgs Boson or God Particle” and responsible for our lives and universe illusion. Thoughts is very powerful even mentioned in several books and create a life form as we want like The Master Key System to develop Universal Mind by Charles Hennal, Thoughts are Things by Prentice Mulford, The Secret, The Power, The Magic, The Hero by Rhonda Byrne and they are strongly focused on “Law of Attraction” to form desired life from Universe with transmitting thoughts frequencies which are headed in the direction also but “Theory of Thoughts Frequency” is different from them. Because here you drawing your life and universe. Some theories might be contradictory like Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein, String Theory, Space and Time Theory, Theory of Everything mentioned by Stephen Hawkins also deeply investigated in Brief Answer to the Big Question. I would also like to state that Quantum Mechanics can solve the puzzle which even I can only hypotheses for Theory of Thoughts Frequency (ToTF), with proving “Speed of Thoughts Frequency several times greater than Speed of Light for space and time travelling”.

Even Quantum Mechanics says you can exist yourself at the same time on two different locations might be different planets also. My meaning to say using thought frequency you can reach to the Mars within the fraction of second whereas even if you convert yourself into the light frequency take few minutes time to reach at Mars demonstrated in concept of Teleportation. In last I want to left my research open for all for its improvement for further work and if someone not believing in ToTF I want to ask one question how your prayers which are your thoughts for good, healthy, wealthy life you pray to God and wait for the your prayers will get answers and when answered you demonstrate gratitude and Thanks to God. Means knowingly or unknowingly we all uses Thoughts as Frequency only need concentration, focus and consciousness, so we can really able to relocate ourselves into anywhere in Universe using “Thoughts as Frequencies” which are biological powerful and extreme frequency as compare to electrical and electronic frequencies. Because it is a Frequency of dark space to form life all lives, things and universe. If you think your parent and inheritance responsible for your life of course yes but when they thought and plan for children’s and you born with having same ability to create thoughts and emits thoughts frequency for desire life, things and universe and chain reaction is going on.

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