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Novel Research in Sciences

Increasing the Ore Processing Efficiency on the Basis of Raw Material Testing

  • Open or ClosePriadko O* and Muzyka L

    The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

    *Corresponding author:Priadko O, The Institute of Technical Mechanics, The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, The State Space Agency of Ukraine, Dnipro, 49005 Ukraine

Submission: April 08, 2023;Published: July 28, 2023


A special role in the mineral enrichment belongs to sampling, as a method of obtaining information about the properties of the processed raw materials. However, during the period of delivery dressing plants and during technological processes, the properties of materials may change. This is important information for improving the efficiency of the enrichment process. The purpose of the work is to determine the impact of changing material characteristics during processing on the efficiency of the technological process. In paper the influence of a change in the ore hardness on the increase in sand amount and the possibility of identifying this fact by changing the energy consumption based on the control of the calculation of correlation functions are shown. It has been established that a decrease in inclusions leads to a multidirectional change in the separation output indicators, which is used to control changes in the content of a valuable mineral in the original ore. The change in the average value of the concentrate quality is determined with the help of calculating the integral of the correlation function for a certain time in the stationary mode.

Keywords: Enrichment; Separation; Hardness; Inclusion; Correlation functions

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