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Novel Research in Sciences

Walking to the Temple of Christ on the Mountain

Submission: February 20, 2023;Published: February 28, 2023


Walking and growing our spiritual life is comparable to climbing the mountain to go to the “Temple of Christ.” Continuously “God” manifests in us in every problem, action, and decision we make to move our heart, and evolve our attitude in a positive way, for this it is necessary to frequently review how our path is going so as not to get lost and direct ourselves towards him. If we analyze how “God is putting things in our way, by relating them you will find the divine order”, to provoke in us a different attitude with his “calls” to have the opportunity to correct our mistakes. This document is based on the “meditation and theological reflection of the walk of people to go physically, and spiritually to the Temple of Christ on the Mountain”, where Temple represent the body and Mountain is Kingdom of his father. In this document we will focus on a magnificent real-life example based on testimonies and information compiled from seminarist, priest, lay people and their walking to the “Temple of Christ on the Mountain”.

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