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Residences for Elderly People and COVID-19: The Forgotten Ones of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Submission: July 28, 2021;Published: August 27, 2021


Introduction: The pandemic put on evidence the lack of health and access to health services for elders, the most affected were those that live on long term care residences, where the government put a smaller amount of attention and support to avoid deaths for COVID-19.

Objective: Identify if the residences for elders in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico) has received information and support about COVID-19 on behalf of the government and what changes have made to prevent the spread inside of the residences.

Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive study, they invited to participate 78 residences for elders of Guadalajara, anonymously and only 20 agreed to participate. They were asked to fill a form on Google Forms with questions about government support during the health emergency and the prevention measures to prevent the spread of this disease.

Results: The 65% of the residences that participated where from Guadalajara. The 55% didn’t receive information about how to prevent the spread on their residences. The 100% gave antibacterial gel on the most concurred areas, 95% banned visitors, 90% prioritized disinfection of areas, all this as measures to avoid spreads. The 85% modified areas as physical barriers on common areas, bedrooms, among others.

Conclusion: The residency elders are forgotten for the government, the pandemic put on evidence the deficiencies. The pandemic showed the deficiencies with they are forced to live and the inequality through the State treats their citizens, leaving those who live in long-term residences vulnerable.

Keywords: Elders; COVID-19; Pandemic; Residences for elders; Guadalajara; Mexico

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